5 Minutes in Hong Kong | Cinematic Travel Vlog

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Thanks to Rachel for holding it down while I was gone!

“Tokyo Drift” – Mallrat
“Cuz You Can’t” – Pronoun

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  1. PENGFEI ZHU says:

    i dig it. enjoyable. thanks

  2. Dominic Fung says:

    Watching travelling vlogs taken in Hong Kong like this one to find the will to continue to live in this sad city.

    Nice video by the way.

  3. i hope one day i can make gorgeous vid like this!!

  4. RedShoes29 says:

    That clip of Rachel and the dog though hahaha

  5. Amy Das says:

    God, this is one of the best travel videos I have ever seen.

  6. Amy Das says:

    OH This was published on my birthday too! AWESOME xD

  7. carol wng says:

    i cannot tell you how amazing this video of hongkong is: I have been to hongkong many times to visit family, and you captured it in such a wonderful and different eye, leading me to a new perspective of the place. I use to see it as plainly as it is given, but you've shown it to me in such a unique way it has inspired me more to go back and has just lit up my perspective of the place. example, the scene with your friend walking and the rubbish on the right side, I would walk past that just thinking "ugh gross", but your tones have actually made it pretty cool, like the bags of rubbish needed to be apart of that scenery to make it creative. Absolutely wonderful. I love it! <3 <3 <3 hahaha. I can say more like how the culture of it to me before seemed just so simple to me but after viewing your video, I now see how beautiful and unique youve captured the placec showing the world how different its style is.

  8. carol wng says:

    Can you please name some of the places you visited especially the mountains views in HK!?

  9. Svea Nilson says:

    I'm new to editing with premiere pro so I started watching YouTube tutorials and tried my best, I'd be so happy if you could give me some feedback!!

    Thank you!

  10. Maika Nizam says:

    Teach me senpai! Your video is so cool and i love hong kong, just came back from there! 🇭🇰 Subscribed to you so hope you could sub back & check out my video 🙌🏻💯

  11. ur mochi says:

    this is so amazing

  12. Kit Sze says:

    I love your channel and I come from HK. Amazing video.

  13. just stumbled upon your channel and fell in love with it. i was so so surprised when i saw clips of the small village in Shatin Wai shown in your video. i used to pass through that village everyday on my way to school. its so nice to see it from a different perspective. tourist usually just go to areas in central, causeway bay, mongkok ect…

    please keep on with these videos so i can keep spending minutes of my day enjoying your work.

  14. wanderlusthk says:

    Helllo from Hong Kong :D!!! I love your videos!

  15. benben chen says:

    everything about this is perfect

  16. Matt Hayashi says:

    Love your style! I'd love to see more After Effects tutorials

  17. watching every single video in this channel!!!

  18. dope editing!!!!! huhu

  19. did you use stabilizer for this video?

  20. Can you tell me what type of videos are these?As in What is the exact name for these kind of videos where you just simply use music and cinematography to create your film?Please tell me.These are my favorite videos to watch and make.But dont know what they are called.Oh and BTW I Really Love Your Work:)!

  21. So amazing!! I am super curious on how you edit your videos too! Definitely new subbie!

  22. Aditi Harish says:

    how are you guys not more well known?? your work is incredible.

  23. Sharon Jiang says:

    Woah your editing is on point – ive learnt so much from your photography tips videos so it's great to see what you guys have created

  24. Thak you for this! So inspirational! Keep up the great work and sharing your knowledge!

  25. 5 minutes and 2 seconds… Great video ;D

  26. opwave79 says:

    I miss Hong Kong. Such a wild, busy, packed city. Love the video!

  27. Tom Balino says:

    This video has made me appreciate life more and be legitimately inspired

  28. Deanishes says:

    Surprised you know who Mallrat is, goos video.

  29. natabata says:

    I'm so surprised you actually went hiking in Hong Kong. There are so many hiking trails in HK but most tourists completely ignore them (most locals do too). I think your video perfectly captures the differences in HK: the concrete jungle vs the mountains, the busy streets vs the tranquil villages. Amazing video, I love it!

  30. Anna May says:

    Hey, could you show us tips and tricks to vlog? 🙂
    Also, what drone are you using?

    I'm still using a Nikon D7000 so I was wondering if you think I should get an upgrade as well.

  31. Aditya Gupta says:

    A tutorial on how you did this whole amazing video, please? Do you plan and storyboard everything before shooting or you just shoot and then plan and edit?

  32. April Brown says:

    Can I borrow your life for a few months?

  33. Ur Bro Lefty says:

    Thank you for bringing film-making back to YouTube!

  34. Woah. This is so good. Very nice work with After Effects. Would love to see some more tutorials for AE at some point! Also, if you guys are doing another q+a soon, I wanted to know where you get your music for your videos? Keep up the great work!

  35. Maria B. says:

    This is my home city! Thank you for the super awesome video! I miss it so much!

  36. what camera did u use?

  37. Jessica Khoo says:

    Hi Daniel, how did you do the title? It's so cool!

  38. Wo Him Lui says:

    please come back again!

  39. Liked it in 45 seconds

  40. Christine says:

    Greeting from Hong Kong!!!! I should recommend this video to Hk tourism board wow

  41. John He Hung says:

    WOWOWOWOWOWO nice what a good job, i want to be you

  42. John He Hung says:

    Hey where can i find music like yours in the video, pls replied me

  43. G.V Unfolded says:

    That was awesome! Wanna sub to each other and help eachother's channels grow?

  44. Cool Girl says:

    Why this city looks pretty much similar to Sao Paulo, Brazil

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