5 Tips for Making Great Travel Videos

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February 8, 2017
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February 9, 2017

Going on a sweet trip soon? Want to make videos of your trip that are actually worth watching later? Use these 5 tips for making great travel videos before you go! (Also, want to learn how to get free flights? Look below to find out more)

~Jake and Chad
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  1. EZ David says:

    Hey, Stampabout! How do you do that animated text? Thanks!

  2. Thank to you Chad , and to also Jakegreat Video , totally enjoyed it , we were in Lanzarote canary Islands this Marchhttps://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pBCRCuT2Dshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIPcYaK0l40have a look and enjoyregards Günter

  3. Travel with a tripod? No

  4. Damn that's where I'm going wrong… no tripod and I like taking selfies… thanks for the tips

  5. L han says:

    check out my first travel video and great tips !!

  6. AMaeTV says:

    Cool tips.. I've made almost 40 travel videos on my channel! Sometimes I have to simply collect as much footage as possible, and then plan the storyline later. It's very backwards but you never know what you'll get into while traveling!

  7. Jack Tony says:

    Hey, Great Tips!

    I listened to them, before I went to Central America and tried to make an awesome travel video. Would love to hear some feedback from you 🙂


  8. Great tips…thanks! I'm trying to learn all of this, digest it, and apply it to my own videos. I'm doing something unique: I'm trying to make "mini documentaries" about the bike packing races that I do. This is my latest: https://youtu.be/FLWJT14xDkQ
    I have a lot to learn and improve upon but some honest feedback and criticism would be greatly appreciated!

  9. This is so helpful! Even for vlogging since our launch takes place traveling! Seriously thank you!

  10. Hadi Khairi says:

    What video editor you use?

  11. So awesome! I made a travel video. Would anyone mind checking it out and letting me know what you think of it? :)

  12. Check out my travel videos and let us know what you think, would love some feedback

  13. Check out my travel video! Would love to get some tips

  14. Thanks for the tips StampAbout. I'd also add that while tripod shots are awesome, the selfie shots talking or handheld shots too can be great in the moment shots, as long as there is stabilization within the lense. To see more about this and its used in an almost daily travel vlog, sub me to see it in daily action.

  15. JaneBae says:

    I feel like this is a great introduction to storytelling in video, but travel vlogs tend to be a bit more spontaneous.. people aren't going to plan out their holidays in so much detail, the footage should just capture those moments rather than take you out of them. I'd say keep your clips short and interesting.. No one wants to watch a full minute of your cab ride to the airport. Just capture the action, the highlights of your trips, those moments you thought 'damn I wish so-and-so was here!'

  16. DCLXVI562780 says:

    Alright. Since like 80% of travel video dudes have long blonde hair and good looking bodies and since I already have long blond hair and a GoPro, all I need is to work out, save money for the trip and get a super hot girlfriend with a beautiful tight ass and film 40% landscape and awesome momments and 60% ass.
    And I'm good to go, I guess.

  17. Lynn Ullrich says:

    Very helpful video! I'd love for you to check out my first video on my channel and give me some feedback. It's about my experiences from a social project in Ghana :)

  18. VOGUE WKND says:

    This was super useful! Thank you :-)

  19. groovyman11 says:

    was i the only one who came here to try to make cool videos for other people going on other trips

  20. the only camcorder i have is my iphone 5s filming at 1080p lol, i dont have a GO Pro or a DSLR. S the question is do i need a professional Camera for a road trip

  21. Thx for the tips, i hope it would help me with my video, im going to holland and i want to do a travel video, i wold link it when i come back to my country. Btw youre so cutee

  22. Useful tips 🙂 Thank you!

  23. Niv says:

    I'm getting started with making travel videos/vlogs on my channel. Does it really matter what editing software you use? I've heard people say that they prefer the actual contents vs the editing, but I've also heard vice versa.

  24. Shenelle85 says:

    Thank you 🙂 do u have any editing programs you recommend?

  25. Great tips. I would like to know a little bit more about planning my shots… usually, all I do is taking pannings because I'm so eager to show it all that there's no way I can put everything on scene. I end up making horrible videos and making everyone dizzy. Can you recommend any source or technical guide on the subject?

  26. Thanks for the tips! I've just started making travel videos and I'm enjoying it! I hope you could dropby my channel and leave comments so I can improve my videos. Thanks!

  27. Nice one mate ! good information I'll try it out to start my travel vlog

  28. Mark Aquino says:

    What do you use for editing vids?

  29. Orca Trip says:

    Great advice. I try to use these when I travel and film… sometimes its not as easy as it sounds though :/

  30. We've only just started travel vlogging, but we believe practise makes perfect. We are learning so much already and we've only just begun :)

  31. Any tips on laptops that are great for video editing and publishing?

  32. I want to interview people. Probably most difficult part.

  33. PunkSkaful says:

    Great tips! Thank you!

  34. Nice tips and very well explained. I actually never plan my videos. I just shoot everything that is interesting to me, and make the storyline later when I'm editing my videos. I still didn't found a solution for the shakiness of my videos. For a tripod you need a solid ground, and you can't take it everywhere with you.

    Hi everyone! I'm just getting started with my new Youtube-channel and some new subscribers would be great!
    Please subscribe. Thank you!

  35. J.P. Kallio says:

    Some great tip you guys have. My tip would be to always film more than you think you need. Also if you are on a longer trip, try to at least rough edit at the end of the day. This way you see if you have problems with sound, framing or exposure and you can fix and avoid them the next day :-)

  36. WANDERER says:

    Exactly correct. It would be great for all to put the 5 tips in Description box. Thank You.

  37. Hix Pix says:

    i wanna start making travel vlogs but im too insecure about my look =(

  38. iZoey Ang says:

    Hey, I recently join the family to Youtube video and I am exploring into Travel Videos too (currently doing Travelling around Malaysia). Of course, thanks for creating this video and sharing the tips for make a great travel videos. This is really helpful for me as a starter. If you have time, it would be much appreciate if you could review and give me some feedback or tips for improvement about my videos posted in my channel. Like i said, the videos are about Travel in Malaysia.
    Thanks and cheers! Have a great day!

  39. cool, will use it. thanks

  40. Soniboy84 says:

    What if you don't know what's going to happen on your travel or you just don't want to plan? Do you just shoot as much footage as possible? Am I taking too much of a burden to shot photos, videos and enjoy my trip at the same time?

  41. Dean Michael says:

    Thanks for the tips! This video is helpful. I'm starting to make travel videos but I don't have any experience. I really want to improve my videos.

  42. hanisleong says:

    This is very informative! I will, too, be uploading a travel video(s) at my channel soon (after I have done editing it). I will be focusing more to promote the beauty of my country. Subscribe for updates regarding the project. Thank you!

  43. Kitty Crimes says:

    selfie stick footage of people when all you wanna see is what theyre looking at is the worst! also cheers on henry miller

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