Air New Zealand’s Newest Safety Video, Starring Katie Holmes And Cuba Gooding Jr.

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July 12, 2017
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July 13, 2017

Air New Zealand is hands down the most innovative airline when it comes to their safety videos. Some of my favorite safety videos have been from Air New Zealand, and they’ve typically introduced at least two new safety videos per year.

For example, last July Air New Zealand introduced the “Safety in Hollywood.”

Then this past December they introduced the “Summer of Safety” video.

Well, Air New Zealand has just unveiled their newest safety video, starring Katie Holmes and Cuba Gooding Jr. The safety video is called “A Fantastical Journey,” and is Alice in Wonderland inspired. Here’s the video:

As you can see, this video is less humorous than past Air New Zealand safety videos (at least in the “laugh out loud” sense), but rather takes a more whimsical approach. The video is all about highlighting the natural beauty of New Zealand.

This seems to be a trend for many airlines lately, as we’ve seen several airlines introduce safety videos highlighting the natural beauty of their countries, including QantasMiddle East Airlines, Oman Air, Philippine Airlines, and many more.

While the video will get people excited about New Zealand, personally I still prefer the Betty White Air New Zealand safety video:

The Richard Simmons Air New Zealand safety video is certainly the most, ahem, memorable:

The most viewed Air New Zealand safety video, however, is the Hobbit themed one:

What do you make of Air New Zealand’s new safety video? Which has been your favorite?

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