Backpacking South America & Europe – montage of a year traveling the world

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May 4, 2017
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I backpacked through South America and Europe in 2012, visited 11 countries, started to live my dream of being a full time travel video blogger, met awesome people from all around the world, experienced great landscapes and did a lot of action activities along the way.
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— equipment used to produce this video —
GoPro Camera
Amazon Tripod
Joby Gorillapod
SDHC Memory Card
Waterproof Memory Card Case
Backpack Osprey Farpoint 40

Auf meinem Kanal produziere ich Reisevideos in Deutsch & Englisch – folge mir für wöchentliche Videos & reise mit mir um die Welt!

*** Awarded!!! ***
This video got awarded as “Travel Video of the Year 2013” by Hostelworld in January 2014. Woot! Woot! 🙂

I realized how important it is to follow your dreams, to do what you love and never give up exploring. I am more than thankful for all these possibilities and like to inspire more people to jump over their shadow and experience how amazing this planet is. I’d like to say thank you to all of my Sponsors, Friends and Family who supported me and also do so in the future.

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How can I afford traveling this way?
I produce professional marketing/promotional videos for brands, write travel guides and do consulting in Social Media – find more info on my Website!

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the original Soundtrack is “Midnight City” by M83 (
Due to Copyright restrictions I’m not allowed to use the original version and created a mix out of these 2 other remixes:

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  1. Thx so much – basically I did the edit with the sound as well 🙂

  2. Eulalie says:

    Great montage, thanks for sharing.

  3. Travfi Films says:

    great video 🙂 Well done! looove south america! we also did a video about our travels there 🙂 check it out: South America 2013 – Crossing Borders | GoPro Hero 3 🙂

  4. Erin Stokes says:

    Love this! Very inspiring 🙂

  5. sahra sahra says:

    How did you organize all these trips? WOW I want to do that kind a travel journey as well

  6. Wow what a video, got some really cool shots there. We hope to get some similar on our travels. 

  7. Joel Hayes says:

    I frieken love this video! This is what I am going to be doing very soon…but at a slower pace. I'm going to be moving to Maui within the next few months (currently in Juneau, Alaska)(originally from Pennsylvania) and after I spend some time in Maui I'm going to be going across the world spending at least a month in each place I go! SO PUMPED! Great video! I'm subscribing to your channel! Check mine out if you have the time 🙂

  8. 54 weeks backpacking in SA.  Loved every minute of it.

  9. Ja das motiviert 🙂 hab schon 50 Länder in einer ersten Weltreise und 2 größeren Reise und genau in einem Monat geht's wieder auf große Reise mind. 7 oder 8 Monate 🙂
    Cooles Video weiter so.

  10. Amazing !! What cameras did you used? and how did you edited the footage?@BackPacker Steve

  11. nikolas sosa says:

    Awesome video! take at look at my travel video please Eurotrip 2014 Walking around

  12. Pauli T says:

    Hey, ich bin eben über deinen Blog gestolpert und schwer fasziniert, wie du das aufziehst. Ich bin im Moment selber auf Weltreise und jetzt kommt dann komplett Südamerika, da werd ich die tage mal deine Videos durchstöbern 🙂
    Aber hab auch noch ne Frage, ich mach selber Videos auf meiner Reise, etwas anders, nicht ganz so informell 😉 Aber jetzt zu meiner Frage, wo beziehst du denn deine Musik her, finde das ziemlich fett wie du es machst. In dem Clip hast du ja selber hand angelegt, wenn ich das richtig verstanden hab?

  13. KOS933 says:

    Love the video man! I made a urban exploring video in Buffalo, NY. I feel like you'd like it, check it out, give me some feedback. Thanks! –

  14. JettoHD says:

    Oh man, this is what life's about to me.
    Can't wait to start my adventure and see amazing things and meet great people.

  15. And I´m just sitting here dreaming about those stuff!

  16. Jannis' Life says:

    Looks for a nice journey

  17. Andrina says:

    2:21 where is this? I had to know, please answer:)

  18. Thank you for this! As a filmmaker I have to say that your video really evoked an emotion in me, and so many other travel videos here on YouTube don't do these places justice! I'm researching for my own travels and this gave me an incredible amount of inspiration! 

  19. You're living my dream.
    I need to find a job that will support my family of 4 that allows me to explore the world.
    I'm tired of hearing it's not realistic. -_-

  20. Sam Thompson says:

    Awesome video! I cant wait to travel and im only 15! 

  21. catalunya is not a country

  22. what song is this? were can i get the one you used in this video? 🙂

  23. Julian Dux says:

    Scheint also ob dir meine Heimat (Hamburg) sehr gefallen hat 🙂

  24. mgogn says:

    I make videos myself, and I admire videos like this one! Great job

  25. chris dowell says:

    Im off back packing in october for a few mouths and videos like this make me so excited!!!!

  26. Victoria N says:

    Beautifully compiled video! The time lapses were amazing!!! Could you tell me what the song is?

  27. Guys check out textbookedan a new channel with a 19 year old boy vlogging his traveling experience!

  28. after 12 seconds of the video i subscribed, amazing video! I'd love to do this myself one day 😀


  30. Nada Madrane says:

    You're soo lucky , greaat video … LUCKY YOU

  31. amazing! i love travel but i have been traveling just in Europe. i hope explore more the world one day! good to know you visited my country Portugal 🙂 i'm living in UK now

  32. nice trip !!!! for shit music

  33. what is the name of this song

  34. Elaine Yim says:

    Wow I'd love to go to South America but scared! Haha

  35. What name the song please

  36. airstoc says:

    Awesome video Mr Steve! Noticed a couple of cheeky drone shots in there! When's the next video or have I already missed it?

  37. nikki price says:

    I have Lobular carcinoma stage four, and I wish I could travel, before I get too sick to do so. but im also a poor girl. so waching these videos gives me a chance to discover places I will never see in my life. thank you for showing me the way. and if you ever need a travel buddy please keep me in mind. that would be a dream of a life time

  38. The motto in the beginning is just…. BEST. And true!! I love how you can live your life with passion in it, truly, with your heart – I can feel it from this vid. There is it <3
    Heyy and that song – very good selection, fits to the video, inspiring and so much energy in there!….I'm here just like wow wow wow wow wow!!! Thank you man! Btw. maybe hard question and I'll be glad if you tell me:) What experince(s) in you travelling do you value most? Is it to see the life with new eyes? Or – is it even possible to answer? I'm finding inspiration in whole internet to start sth like you…. so may new things I found these about… I'm really exciting about it.

  39. georgehuge says:

    all you need is Ecuador

  40. Well done, awesome shots. 🙂

  41. What song did you use? It's so perfect.

  42. Jaime Ricart says:

    whay do you put Cataluña like a country is not a country is a part of Spain that wants to independence

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