Bahamas (North-America) Vacation Travel Video Guide

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April 15, 2017
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Travel video about destination Bahamas.
Nassau is the capital of the island of New Providence which is one of the many islands of the Bahaman archipelago that extends for almost a thousand kilometres between Cuba and Florida in the Atlantic Ocean. New Providence is the commercial and political centre and is more commonly known as the Bahamas.Samuel Cunard, legendary founder of the Cunard Line, established the first maritime route from New York to Nassau. His steamboat, the Karnak, took five days to travel the two thousand kilometres to the islands which in 1859 was a sensation. Nassau is a city without skyscrapers. The historic city centre contains several buildings that date back to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and looks like a gold prospector’s town that has prospered at great speed. Situated on Paradise Island is the Atlantis Resort that is the largest entertainment oasis in the world and has a unique aquarium landscape where South African hotel tycoon, Sol Kerzner, created a fantastic resort with lagoons surrounded by jungle, relaxing bays and waterfalls. A further attraction of Atlantis is one of the most popular of the entire complex, Dolphin Cay, a world of dolphins that swim and entertain in front of the resort’s skyline. The Exuma Islands are sixty kilometres from Nassau and comprise three hundred and sixty five tiny islands and Channel Cay is the perfect example of a remote island paradise of warm water, appetising seafood, sheltered bays and glimmering ocean. The Bahamas: the very name conjures up remote sandy beaches and turquoise blue water, romantic sunsets and tropical nights. A place where fantastic dreams become incredible reality!

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  1. C4PT41NHOWDY says:

    My favorite vacation of all time!🌴

  2. OceanBlue says:

    Looks like they drive on the left side of the road but do the vehicles have their steering wheels on the right side or on the left side?

  3. i love it, its better in the bahamas!!!!

  4. CoopAir is right.  Just showing Nassau is like just showing London and telling you "this is Britain"!!!  If you want to see the real Bahamas, go to the out islands.  And why would they use someone as a narrator, who can't even pronounce Bahamian words correctly.  The shell is pronounced "conk", not conch, and cays are pronounced "keys", not cays!!!!

  5. mjs1231 says:

    It looks completely disgusting

    No thanks

  6. Sirius***B says:

    Bahamas here I come! 😆😆😆

  7. I love The Bahamas, my home.  The Greatest Little Country on Gods Green Earth, and the most Beautiful  place on the  Planet  from Space.

  8. 志豪 hong says:

    ummmm so willing to go to bahama for visiting


  10. Super video! Very entertaining and informative.

  11. mjr102395 says:

    going again for my 5th time to Atlantis in October..

  12. Jesus made the bahamas. You must repent and turn to Him if you want to be with Him for all eternity. He wants to be with you. He is not in the church system

  13. Ali Shirali says:

    Oh god this is the real paradise !!!!!! i hope i would travel here one day !

  14. Going in December… Thanks for posting this vid- Cindy

  15. cadet jones says:

    Hey Jamaica is much nicer and bigger we are the best

  16. Bobbi Moore says:

    My visit to the Bahamas is one of the most beautiful memories that I will cherish the rest of the life. With the help of VacSaver, I even saved hundreds of dollars….

  17. mugs90 says:

    i became interested of the Bahamas because of MYLES MUNROE, and it is a beautiful place no wonder he always said that “God is from the Bahamas“. I will come and visit the wonderful Bahamas in Jesus name.

  18. Hundred says:

    nothing special, italy is so much better

  19. Ms El says:

    TAKE ME THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Been to the Bahamas with Natasha on a Norwegian Sky cruiseship. It was our best vacation. So beautiful. I could see the bottom of the water and fish swim by my feet. Very cool.

  21. I'm from Bangladesh
    Bangladeshi can visit Bahamas without visa.
    thanks for Review

  22. BOASIEYARD says:

    some errors in this video, but the visuals are nice

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