BICYCLE TOURING: The How-To Movie by Bicycle Touring Pro

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December 28, 2016
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  1. You forgot the trike!

  2. Also, What about tire liners? Those are awesome for avoiding flats.

  3. Jeff Woods says:

    excellent, thank you

  4. If I'm on,y using rear panniers, does that mean that the weight is unbalanced? Will I have to get front panniers to even the weight?

  5. James King says:

    You mention the handle bar bag and one bike had one. I would consider this bag to be the first bag bought. Display a map or GPS, a big plus. Perhaps a generator driven by the tire for recharging and running the light.

  6. Keith Avery says:

    Thanks for posting. Very good information. What method do you use to deal with and deter aggressive dogs while cycling? Thanks again.

  7. So so useful. Thank you for posting this!

  8. GoodTripFilm says:

    You are the best, man!

  9. Great video, although when it came to the clothing section I knew this video was catered to guys because I tend to pack light especially on a bike (though I haven't been on a bike tour yet) but that still seems like too few outfits for me, being a girl :)

  10. Kevin Sweet says:

    The downside of down isn't that it dries slower. It's that it no longer keeps you warm when it's wet. Synthetic materials don't lose nearly as much warmth when wet, so you can have a wet synthetic sleeping bag and still get some warmth. That isn't the case with down.

  11. Codey Orgill says:

    Thanks for the content @Bicycle Touring Pro This video has really helped me with the current bicycle tour I am on..

  12. Dam ian says:

    thanks for the info!

  13. TheGolfdaily says:

    Excellent Video, both in quality and contents!

  14. Tuan Nguyen says:

    Do you provide bike tours services ?

  15. ok. just came back from a 4 week trip from finland to sweden… had a trailor, recomend u have all liquids (heavy) on ur bike and keep ur chlotes etc light thingsbin the trailor… but bit over 2000km no problem…

  16. Ozan Bayrak says:

    saddle saddle saddle saddle saddle. One of the most important thing to success a long distance comfortable trip in my opinion.

  17. TheRosa63 says:

    what is up with the bikes where you are forced to hold your weight on our arms, why not a comfort bike where you sit up more, sure ifyou want speed this is good but for traveling long distance? I like the fat tires bikes with traction but of course I am not fit at all for biking, i would have to lose weight and get fit, but it looks like alot of fun.

  18. very informative.Excellent video.

  19. Just perfect. Thanks Darren! I will share this with all my friends.

  20. Not being able to control your fully laden bicycle is very important! …….. I set out intending to travel West but ended up going East!…because I couldn't control my bicycle ……….. but luckily  my navigation skills were so terrible I set off east instead of west , and ended up where I wanted to be :)

  21. Hi Darrel, you should come to Italy, there are so many place to visit , you will enjoy north and south even in winter time ! If you pass trough the Lake of Como come and visit me , we will host you !

  22. This is the best video I've seen for understanding what to expect and how to prepare. I have done some multi week tours and yet still learned some new tips on how to better prepare for my next trip. Thanks for the revelations and reminders. A+ Presentation.

  23. mike Owen says:

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  24. Great video. Very resourceful and informative. Thanks.

  25. Very good video indeed.

    May I ask what you think about going ultra light in long distance touring like crossing Norway or the USA with e.g. the Arkel saddle pack or similar with the addition of maybe 2 small panniers in the front and tent, sleeping bag and mat just below the handlebars + a small handlebar bag and maybe also a frame bag ?

    Not carrying unnecessary weight seems really important to me.

  26. Very informational video! Thanks so much for sharing this info!
    I did have one question: I'm traveling in some very hot and potentially cold areas in the next year, I have a prescription I'll take the whole time but needs to stay around room temp. Any tips on keeping things at a constant temp? I've slept with it in my sleeping bag on cold nights before but what about keeping it cool during hot days?
    Thanks so much!

  27. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  28. Nullll1111 says:

    I honestly thought it was Bill Burr on the thumbnail.

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