Cinematic Film Look on a DSLR

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June 29, 2017
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June 30, 2017

How can we make our films look more expensive & professional?


Host and Creator – Simon Cade

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  1. This was super helpful thank you 😊

  2. Your video was super helpful! I just subbed to your channel

  3. Hi! I have a Canon 600D (T3i) and i can´t find visioncolor profile. Can i apply that profile in my camera?

  4. I can't ever get this look with my camera! Yours start at a blue setting right?? When i use my camera it always turn green or super yellow everytime i use the daylight setting. It doesn't give any dark background or cinematic look at all! Need some help please

  5. Arthur Braga says:

    Nice video, however buy youself a decent camera. There is a lot of noise in the footage, a good videographer like you should invest in good equipment!

  6. oliver says:

    are you able give tips for filming on smaller GoPro like cameras? Thanks

  7. can you please tell me,
    which DSLR camera is best it will be my first DSLR that's why I am little confused
    which is better canon 700d or Nikon 3300D, or Nikon 3400D
    please suggest me some cameras

  8. Your instructions are so clear. Thanks for putting this video together. Subscribed!

  9. Amazing Video! Your voice is super serious jejeje but works perfect with the video!
    Like how direct you are about the subject.
    Love it! Subscribed and liked.
    Amazing advice, It will help a lot on filming.

  10. Valentin M. says:

    Very good video thank you 😉

  11. Peter Grant says:

    Awesome, thank you!

  12. Great great 👍🏼 your channel is amazing,thanks for the great beautiful tips 😊😊💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  13. thanks for this bro!😍🎥

  14. Triz Fresco says:

    thank you so much bro.

  15. what kind of camera that you use?

  16. S-kyresh 23 says:

    nice !! thanks ! 😉 from belgium 🇧🇪 !

  17. color grading is the shit holly fuck this is a movie!!!

  18. Always great explanations!

  19. Thanks for great tips! I love it 😍🙌

  20. REVFILM says:

    my friend and i falling in love with your channel

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