Grand Circle Travel Guide DVD Intro (Utah’s National Parks)

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March 18, 2017
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March 19, 2017

An introduction to SynergyMedia’s new Blu-ray /DVD travel guide release ($19.95). The documentary was produced for those planning to tour the sights of Utah and for those who can’t make the trip. The film includes 10 parts in 5 geographic sections: “Monument Valley”, “Moab, Utah”, “From Moab to Bryce”, “Bryce to Page” and “The Return”. Each section includes photography tips from awarding winning professional Photographer Steve Salis.



  1. This looks great. Getting ready to head that direction this summer. I would love to buy a copy, but I can't find anyplace to do so. It may be available on your website, I'm not sure as the menu system uses Java, which I don't have/need on my Mac.

  2. Awesome films and very informative. Thanks for posting.
    Planning a trip maybe next year or the following, as I do love a rock…and you seem to have plenty of them.

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