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July 19, 2017
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OLD DRONE (cheaper but still great);

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  1. RL 604 says:

    Awesome video I bought my mavic really happy with it. Thank you for your review

  2. where is it.. mmn i don't know 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Aaron Landis says:

    greatest drone ever, if it doesn't break a few weeks after purchase from one of the myriad factory defects DJI ships with. And greatest drone ever if you never have to deal with the shitty company that produces these paperweights. Worst customer service Ive ever experienced.

  4. GSTONE says:

    nice song choice and vid

  5. Ice Windy says:

    I think at the last of the video, you didn't focus by the C2 button…

  6. can I have any drone cheap or not

  7. can you sand me a drone

  8. Ryan S says:

    Casey must hate capital i

  9. Where is the best place to buy Drones in NY? I'm visiting NYC from Sydney, Australia in few weeks.

  10. 车王 says:

    Can you tell me about the name of the skateboard you're using? It's cool.

  11. Hit like if you're watching this in 2017 , when the DJi Spark has come out xD

  12. so good, crystal clear picture. loved this vlog man

  13. Owen Kelly says:

    Dammit. Now I have to buy one. Great video!

  14. Omega Chefe says:

    Nice video buddy… Funny hair… I like it…. Style!

  15. what does dji stands for?

  16. Umer Khalid says:

    Ok is it just me or you just look like an asshole at first sight

  17. Dede Hafiz says:

    Dji mavic pro drone is so cool!!!!!!!! dji mavic pro is $999

  18. BVD says:

    only casey would say " it doesnt need all this extra padding and fluff "

  19. Mike Do Hong says:

    after the dji spark, still the best

  20. commenting on drones I've had several drones hovering my home for 3 months at least at one point they came in and said they were mapping on my phone they told me that is insanity how do you bring down a drone to get the numbers from me no one seems to know where they drones come from impossible to track the next best step is my shotgun they say if you threaten that it's against the law it's not a threat I want to drone to the ground so I can get the numbers I want them out of my backyard and away from my windows and that's simply all I want and there's no answer to it I guess I keep asking and if you going back how to fly drones not how to bring them down I know how to bring them down I want to do a Safeway thank you for all your time

  21. After watching this video i fell in love with the drone. Had 4 drones before this one and none of them looked as nice as this one. First time i went to fly the drone, the ginbal camera was overheated and stop recording. Turned the drone of, let it cool down, retry. Same shit. Just that this time i lost connection with the drone within only 150 Feet. That was it. The drone didn't get any command, lost connection and visual. the controllers were dead. next thing i know, the drone was on the ground broken. Never had a drone that acted like that. Sent the drone to the manufacturer to repair, no body speaks English on that MOFO place. They hold my drone for over 30 days before they told me that they ran a diagnostic on it and blamed the failure of the drone on me. they wanted $200 to fix the drone, just the exterior of it, i said i was not gonna pay for it. So after a month they sent the drone back to me, BROKEN! every time you call these people, you better be prepared to wait at least one hour on the phone, and when they answer, the don't speak the language and are not interested in helping. The customer service is a below standard, meaning terrible. I dealt a lot with time Warner cable and they are good compared to this people. Anyways, this is my story so far. Im gonna make a video with the truth about this drone so the company fixes it and other people don't have to go trough the same shit i just experienced. I'm buying another one so i can prove my point that this drone is not well designed. Hope you guys share my experience. Thanks.

  22. Ed Sharron says:

    Casey – do you use any lens filters on your Mavic? Advice would be much appreciated – thanks!

  23. I think its a fantastic drone if you like to see the video image 2 seconds after its been sent from the drone. Utter shite DJI go back to the shed and try again for the 13th time is it now?

  24. shek1lla says:

    I've fell in love with your videos on this one…

  25. What video editing software do you use?

  26. Richard Tom says:

    I got one and am loving it, been loving seeing different angles of things, was looking at drones for a while and brother remembered this video and you inspired me to get one and I don't regret it one bit 🙂

  27. jaspal singh says:

    Are you supposed to fly the drone without the plastic cover on the camera?

  28. Absolutely amazing! I just put this in the wish list on Amazon. Thank you kindly for the amazing review.

  29. TheJoker says:

    what camera do you use to do your videos/vlogs?

  30. I love you dude. I'm going to give ya a shout out on my next vlog. you are a huge influence on my passion for youtubing in general let alone your vlogging style. youre really creative with the way you film and vlog and I think that that is what I love about you the most as well as what sets you aside from everyone else and all the same old kind of vlogs! thank you for the inspiration and please keep offering your style to thew community! 🙂 you rock man!

  31. Zach says:

    Casey, do you know where I can fly my Mavic in Westchester County NY without getting in trouble? My drone is registered with the FAA but I can get any clear directive as of where drone flying is permitted in Westchester New York. I would appreciate it if you can help me. Thank you in advance!!

  32. Isnt this why battery park was built?

  33. How drunk to you have to be to accept tattoos that shitty?
    Thank God this is about Mavics, so some redeeming value.

  34. Sean Jackson says:

    "But when you're indoors, there are no satellites!" lol

  35. GHuyiheng says:

    “dat will be suuuu much fun”

  36. Question for the mavic pro grurus….if you teach it where "home" is and launch it from someplace else and either give it the return to home command or just turn the transmitter off will it return to home? like a carrier pigeon? thinking might have to leave it turned while transporting it so gps could track movement ie..gps get confused if its in place and suddenly its someplace else…or is it able to find gps coordinate from where ever its at and fly there…and what would happen if it didnt have enough battery to make the trip? fly till it died and crash? or fly and land before it crashed? Simple question…ya, its plenty smart, but is it as smart as a flying rat.

  37. MY WORLD says:

    i want drone buy for
    me 😍😍

  38. 陈歌 says:


  39. jack says:

    How many people are way more in awe over this guys studio than the drone?

  40. Saher Assaf says:

    Plz guys go and subscribe for this channel " TheRcSaylors " it is a channel which shows for you everything about the drone and than shows you how it flies

  41. Can you give me a drone

  42. All this time watching your vids and just realized I am not subbed lol. Love your vids Mr. Nesitat

  43. Casey: Its not CGI
    Me: No its DJI

  44. Tairan Wang says:

    so proud of my country

  45. Brandon D says:

    whats a gopro karma?

  46. victor nguh says:

    hello guys good morning, i admire the mavic pro drone, i live in Cameroon, please tell me how i can order for this drone and which way it will be sent to me, please let me know, i need the DJI , tell me how to get it, how to buy or order

  47. MEDiAgamer says:

    This is the moment the people over at GoPro went… Fuck! They have a cooler drone!

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