How These Kids are Giving Back in Ecuador

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“Travel itself is very scarce for me, as I’ve never even commuted outside of the northeastern coast of the United States. Everything from the volunteer work to the small details — such as the different smells of the streets and different tastes of the food — will be exhilarating and memorable.” —Gabriella, student at Excelsior Academy traveling to Ecuador this summer

Travel has the power to change lives for the better. It provides an education one can never receive solely within the walls of a classroom. It teaches you about the world and yourself.

Last year, I started The Foundation for Learning and Youth Travel Education (FLYTE) because I want to give those who aren’t privileged or lucky enough to travel the chance to do so. I wanted to create something that takes kids like Gabriella and shows them that, though it’s a big world out there, we’re all really the same. I wanted to share the positive impact of travel with those less likely to experience it.

The more I travel, the more I realize how alike we all are. Sure, there are cultural differences, but the human experience is a shared one: we all laugh, cry, wish the best for our friends and family, worry about our health, and want to live with meaning. We all complain about the long commute and smile at the beautiful sunset.

As Maya Angelou said, “Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends.”

You and I know this to be true. People like us know how important it is to have a global perspective. With the world being more interconnected than ever, understanding it has never been more critical – not only to succeeding as a person but also in our interconnected economy.

Yet there are kids who can’t see beyond their own town, who have never had a chance to meet someone from another country, or travel somewhere distant. They live in depressed communities where the world is just some big “other.”

FLYTE was born so that we could help those who don’t have the resources to do so — and with your help and generosity, we’ve funded two trips already! Because of us, 25 students have seen beyond their borders, volunteered in other countries, interacted with different cultures, and now have a passport (so they can keep seeing more). Students like Kaleb from Atlanta:

“Traveling abroad exposed me to different cultures and prepared me for the diverse community at college. Because of this trip, I’ve decided I’m going to study abroad in college.” —Kaleb, BEST Academy student and FLYTE Crew participant, spring 2016

Today, I couldn’t be more excited to announce that FLYTE has partnered with Excelsior Academy in Newburgh, New York, to send them to Quito, Ecuador, this summer!

Newburgh, once a thriving manufacturing center on the Hudson River, has faced deindustrialization and failed urban renewal attempts that have left the town struggling both financially and socially. Complicating the matter, the Newburgh school district is located in what the FBI has repeatedly named one of the ten most dangerous cities per capita in the United States.

With that in mind, we’re going send 15 Excelsior Academy students to volunteer for ten days in Quito, Ecuador. The students will volunteer at Casa Victoria, a grassroots community betterment program located in a struggling section of Quito, and work with local students helping in an after school program. Not only will they get to experience another culture, country, and continent, but they will also give back while there.

As Excelsior teacher Christine McCartney says, “At Excelsior Academy, we strive to create global citizens who recognize their power to enact change at both the local and global level.”

Here are the students talking about why this is so important to them — and what this trip means to them:

Given today’s climate, I think it is more important than ever to promote global awareness and education, and we’re proud and excited to be doing that with our next FLYTE students from Excelsior!

Thanks to you, FLYTE raised over $88,000 last year to fund two classroom trips abroad – one class from Atlanta went to Mexico and another group from D.C. went to Cuba. Because of those and our 2017 summer trip, 43 students will now have passports, thanks to you!

Today, I’m asking again for your help to send another group of kids overseas. Each trip costs $35,000 to run. I personally donated $15,000 to FLYTE this year and will make another large contribution in the coming year, but the more money we raise, the more students we can affect. We’re part of the Google Giving network now, are applying for grants, and pitching FLYTE to bigger organizations.

But this community is the lifeblood of FLYTE…and without you, we’ll never make this organization fly (get it?! hahaha!).

But, seriously, not only does your donation help fund this ten-day trip, but its impact will continue to ripple outward, into the city of Newburgh, as the students come back and begin to work on community projects in their own town.

Donations can be made via our Crowdrise page (minimum $10). To add some perspective: $100 covers a student’s passport fees, $350 covers accommodation for one of the students, and $2,500 funds an entire student’s trip!! But no matter the size of your donation, every little bit helps us get these kids closer to Ecuador! Moreover, some donation levels get some awesome swag:

$50 – For donations of at least this amount, I’m offering my e-books How to Teach English Overseas and The Ultimate Guide to Travel Hacking, and my guides to NYC, Paris, Bangkok, Amsterdam, Stockholm, and Hong Kong.

$100 – For donations of at least this amount, you will get the e-books and city guides PLUS a signed copy of the print book How to Travel the World on $50 a Day and a FLYTE t-shirt (US shipping only).

$250 – For donations of at least this amount, you will get all of the above PLUS an hour of travel planning with me, a souvenir from Ecuador, and a thank you card from the students!

Excelsior Academy Goes Global on Crowdrise

Additionally, as FLYTE is a registered 501(c)(3), your donation is fully tax deductible (if you’re in the US)!

If you are thinking about giving to an organization this holiday season, please consider donating to help us take our next student explorers to Ecuador!

Every donation makes a difference, no matter how big or small.

Together we can continue to give back and spread the travel love!

Thank you again for supporting this amazing cause. It means the world to these kids, their parents, and their teachers.

With love,

Nomadic Matt

P.S.Here’s the link to fundraising campaign again!

P.P.S. – Here’s a super awesome and shareable Adobe Spark page that has all the essential information you want to know about FLYTE! You can share this page with your friends, family, and on social media! Please help up spread the word!

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