How to Become a Tour Guide : How Much Do Tour Guides Get Paid?

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March 16, 2017
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March 17, 2017

Pay scale for travel industry. Learn about salaries for a tour guide in this free world travel video from our professional tour director.

Expert: Cherie Anderson
Bio: Cherie Anderson is owner and president of Professional Tour Management Training in Lake Forest, California. She has led tours all over the globe.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan


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  1. Im trying to become a tourguide in NorthEast Brazil, I was born in NE Brazil, lived in USA for 20 yrs. and now living back in NE Brazil. Here, to become a Tourguide one must go through like a year course, and if one only passes and gets the diploma from the course, then one can be sighned up as a tourguide. But the thing is, most Tourguides here, their English is horrible. Could you give me some tips on doing it without the courses? thank you!

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