Curb Your Tires When Parking
March 30, 2017
Surfing Costa Rica: Nicoya Peninsula 4×4 Road Trip
March 31, 2017


  1. Kevin Bailey says:

    I want to be a vlogger I don't know what I should vlog about.😣

  2. Darcy Mifsud says:

    Awesome video you have made me want to do vlogs !(;

  3. Smadnan says:

    Cool! I just started a youtube channel, mind checking it out? I use canon g7x for my videos cause i saw every youtube using that camera

  4. plzz reply me back n anyone can help me with ur advice…
    tell me bro, what gadget should I use for making tutorials from my laptop..I just simply wanted to ask u about what gadget will be useful for recording my tutorials from my laptop screen..n my tutorials will be about graphic designing such as photoshop n illustrator…..

  5. MO J says:

    are you serious?!!! 4 minutes 54 to start the actual video and no one cares about you opening your own things , dude,

  6. What marketing advice would you give someone who is starting a vlog channel but only has like 50 friends on facebook so it is hard to market?

  7. Wow, how to do that lol 😂

  8. I'm a new vlogger and I really must say, I can't see how people hate this guy so much after all that he's done for the Vlogosphere. He's legend out here and his dedication is unmatched! #Salute

  9. I'm Just like him. except I didn't run out of the house lol but I love Filmaking and DIY!

  10. MEME KING says:

    I will sub back to the first 5 accounts that sub and like this comment
    Just tell me your channels name

  11. Nice vlog dude. We are new to the business and thought we would try vlogging our NZ adventures. Got a lot to learn…

  12. I just want to know how to get people to watch my vlogs… they don't seem bad.

  13. Super Evelyn says:

    How to not stop VLOGS

  14. I started vlogging because of this guy, gonna get prescription shades soon STAY TUNED FOLKS

  15. I love Matt's Munchies! The apple is amazazing!

  16. LIFE& KIDS says:

    my name is Casey…. cool

  17. TRENDVIDZ says:

    Love this setup similar to what i use!

  18. What tripod was he using?

  19. what editing you use

  20. IHM Vlogs says:

    Keep trying to vlog, problem with doing a band vlog is we need a good microphone, but I think we can get by for now

  21. Master Cuber says:

    lol I can hear the sound of the lens focusing​

  22. Arcader CJ says:

    I think by behind the scenes they mean videos you recorded for the Vlog but then didn't actually get in the vlog

  23. Lol the dog gets so scared 😂

  24. Varun Kedia says:

    I learn something from every one of Casey's videos

  25. conor lynch says:

    Casey, thank you for showing us (how) it can be done!

  26. A Romero says:

    how can you laugh at that fall that looks bad

  27. Mighty_ Mike says:

    Hey guys, Check out my first Vlog…Like, Comment & Subscribe to My Channel

  28. Hey guys!! Watch my videos thanks

  29. Film Club says:

    Hi everyone, we are a comedy channel about two idiot vloggers teaching people how to make films.

    We are looking to connect with fellow vloggers/Youtubers so if you are interested please give us a shout. We are active and supportive and welcome the opportunity to view new videos.

  30. If style is to be had, you got it. Carry on…

  31. Mike Fada says:

    Thanks for the helpful tips. I have been working on my Travel/Fitness Vlog for the last couple of days. I learn more and more each day.

  32. chris blaze says:

    Published on my birthday

  33. Tonya D says:

    Coolest vlogging channel that I have seen, Hope to be as COOL as you are one day, I think my videos rock with dumbness!!!! haha

  34. Another great video Casey, thank you!!

  35. Case Face says:

    Did he say hang around the Candace?

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