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April 21, 2017
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April 22, 2017

This iMovie 2016 class which covers all the basics of video editing. Download the User Guide Here: This was taught live online via our YouTube channel and we’ve recorded it and edit it for all of you to enjoy. In this class, David will go over how to import footage, important hotkeys to make the editing process easier, how to add transitions, music, voiceover audio, and so much more.

iMovie is produced by Apple and comes with every Mac. With it, you’ll be editing like a pro in no time… especially after watching this tutorial.




  2. KnoxxLife says:

    This was such a great class!! Liked, Comment, Subscribed.

  3. FatBoyKrew says:

    Hi David!

    First time viewer and now a subscriber and liked the video. Thank you very much for this tutorial! I have been struggling a bit with the newer iMovie. I came from the version back in 06/07ish, which I still find a bit more enjoyable to use, but now I'm willing to give this a solid shot. Aside from that, I'm sure you'll agree, the older Macs can't seem to hang with the 60fps and 4k stuff, so compiling video is like pulling teeth. Needless to say, it was finally time to upgrade lol.

    I also strongly agree with you about the LaCie Hard drives. For anyone reading this *DO NOT BUY ONE!!!!* I worked for Apple for a short period of time as a Mac Genius, those drives came back for warranty/replacement all of the time. I also won a drive in a raffle, thank goodness I only used it for a redundant backup, it died within 6 months of semi regular use. I could not ever, with a clear conscious, recommend them to anyone. It was too entirely sad to see folks in tears, because the drive they bought the month before, would fail and they would lose all of their backup data. Spend the extra few dollars and get a Western Digital or something. I understand that all drives will fail at some point in time, but those LaCie drives are incredibly unreliable…..

    I'll be checking some more of your work out! I also plan to get back into editing video myself, thanks to this video, I can get started again. Like you said, it's tedious, but man is it fun and rewarding!

    – Johnny Jello

  4. Tutorial is great! I have been making videos with my GoPro and Drone. I have a boat moored at Flyers all summer (except the first three weeks of July). If interested, would love to take you out for some on the water shots from my boat.

  5. iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Da Vinci Resolve and DJI for the drone lol. For those of you want more advanced features with out spending Da Vinci Resolve is a good free program with a paid option.

    I have a drone I edit footage on as well. For the most part iMovie will suffice. Apple has done well with Garage Band and iMovie as far as an entry level option.

  6. I can't export shit. I see the options in Share but can't select any

  7. I want to make a close up and keep it for a few minutes and return to the regular shot. How?

  8. Welshy says:

    Fuck ive learned so much! thanks!!

  9. robieography says:

    This video is very helpful. Well, I see that you still don't have an iMovie tutorial video for 2017, but this is still good to go. Anyway, I finally learned how to use that software, which I thought was very very complicated.

  10. Dan Douglas says:

    I have a question for ya. When I switch to full screen on iMovie the footage looks laggy. Is there a way to fix it, will the laggy look transfer to YouTube looking that way? I know it's not the camera.

  11. awesome video dude had so much fun watching it

  12. emil dicaro says:

    i have 14 min of footage and need to break it down into smaller clips how do i do that if its possible

  13. David, great job for anybody that wants to get started in post editing they must view your Tutorial. This will help me with my drone post editing.

  14. How do you suggest making a dvd of a project?

  15. Scott Chance says:

    Great video, thanks! The stabilization button is greyed out when I tried to use it. Have you seen this before?

  16. Can we have the copyright link?

  17. Great video – super useful for a new user to iMovie. Keep em coming!

  18. JCD VIBES says:

    Yo! Helped me Soooooo much! Thanks, i was wanting to get into videography but i dont know how to edit and this solved that! Thanks soooo much! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  19. sqmus says:

    I'm looking at iMovie '11 for the first time (finally decided to get into it after all these years). It looks very different from what your demonstrating here – it seems like Apple has changed it pretty drastically. Do you have a tutorial for the latest version?

  20. Thanks a lot. This is really helpful! I hv got one question. How to split screen to play 2 or more videos parallel?

  21. Kris Bee says:

    Excellent! Thank you so much!

  22. Brian Rundle says:

    Thanks for the help, much needed.

  23. Bennet says:

    very useful video. thank you

  24. Kevin Ashe says:

    great video! thanks for the help! I have a problem I can't resolve. Could you help me? When I add an audio file for a sound track to a slide show, the audio track is compressed at the end of the track. It runs slow in the timeline at that point and won't continue showing the photos still remaining. ? help! thanks!

  25. Thanks David…lifesaver

  26. eloyex says:

    Yes ..
    Yes ..
    i am an assh*** , criticize everybody,
    very clinic ..
    but ,, This guy is one of mine ..!!
    great tutorial
    understand all !!!
    feel very happy !!!

    thanks !!!!

  27. I took a video on a Vertical Snapchat Format, but then realized it was a mistake and don't want to retake again. So I try to change from Vertical to Horizontal within iMovie. I found out there's a Cropping that David mention on the video, but unfortunately it doesn't worked out just fine through all the videos. Some might do, but the other still hasn't changed yet. Hope there's someone who could come up with the workaround. Thanks

  28. vistapony says:

    Great tutorial. You provided Just In Time training to help me create my first iMovie. Since the app is not really that intuitive IMO, your tutorial is just what I needed to get started. Thanks much.

  29. Thank you so much for putting out these videos!

  30. CheeYing Foo says:

    Thank you for the information. It is informative! May I ask how do you do the effect on 4:50??

  31. Will Lin says:

    Do you know how to reduce size of a movie? I made a test based on your tutorial and the result was a video of about 4 minutes and weight of 297 Mb which is too heavy for web… so I was wondering how to reduce size. thank you

  32. Sue Pecora says:

    What a helpful tutorial! Thanks so much! I am putting together a video for my mother-in-law's 95th birthday, and I know it is going to be awesome because this video gave me all the information I need to make it great!

  33. Aleksandra P says:

    This was very useful. I am creating a new channel and I want to start with editing on imovie. But I do have one question. What is the difference between the themes "no theme" and "simple"?

  34. TChan Gaming says:

    So I just started IMovie, and I already feel like a pro thanks to this video. Thank you so much. I already got a good rough trailer for my mobile game lol. Keep up the great work David.

  35. Very helpful. All of your videos are great. Thank you, a new Apple user after 30 years on the other format.

  36. Awesome video! Really helped a lot! still watching the video but I learned so much already thank you!

  37. David you rock! Amazing teacher!!

  38. Advice 22:30 Thanks man! That's one of the more tedious task in the editing process!! Thanks!

  39. T.K. says:

    this is by far the best tutorial video for imovie – branch new imac user here, so this was very helpful to get me started with video editing on my new imac – thanks a lot! Subscribed for more!

  40. How do you get lowercase letters in iMovie, David?

  41. Jos Meurrens says:

    I did not know that a tutorial starts with EDITING. I SHOULD START WITH HOW TO MAKE A VIDEO

  42. A Vi says:

    Awesome thanks!

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