Istanbul city guide – Lonely Planet travel video

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Istanbul is a city experiencing a total rebirth. Join Lonely Planet to discover the highlights of one of the world’s hippest metropolises. Visit for more information about Istanbul.



  1. addjin says:

    What's with the psychedelic indian music? Not turkish at all!

  2. Great video. Loving all the new city guide videos lonely planet!! Well Done! Istanbul is one of those cities that an incredible amount to see. Can't wait to get there

  3. Great guide…can't wait to go there!

  4. Always wanted to go to Istanbul as an adult but one I will! As a kid I traveled there several times with my parents! Great video!

  5. Istanbul benim ask! <3

  6. Korhan Alkan says:

    Not about Turkish music ! In addition Istanbul is not just a muslim city also it has lots of church but there aren't in this video ! It was showed much religious city like an Iranian city. Turkey has democrasy and a repuclic it hasn't Islam religion law ! And also Istanbul has a nightlife better more than Europian Cities. As a result not to believe this video and see with your own eyes please ;)

  7. Istanbul (#Variedeventuali_3) i visited Istanbul some months ago. I have totally felt in love with this city

  8. Hakan gürel says:

    bütün video lar bir düzine yerden ibaret istanbulda. Aynı dönerci aynı cami aynı balık ekmekci aynı istiklal aynı tramvay aynı hamam aynı midyeci kokoreçci. Bir kişide alsın kilyos a götürsün bu şehirde yaz turizmide yapılır güneçlenmek içinde iyi bir seçimdir desin. İnsnalar tarihi şehirmi plajmı diye seçim yapıyor. Bu şehrin plajıda var bilseler iyi olmazmı. 

  9. rim righa says:

    Istunbul ville de reve

    Discover ISTANBUL which is the ONLY city in the world that straddles two continents (ASIA & EUROPE) with my 3D stereoscopic photos.

  11. Everybody loves Istanbul

  12. Kübra Aydin says:

    The background music is not Turkish, Indian. But of course, for westerners everywhere out of Europe is the same!

  13. M Jim Page says:

    Istanbul is a beautiful experience!!!

  14. do you wanna see the streets of istanbul :p please check my blog out

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