Jay Alvarrez In California (Alexis Ren)

How to Drink Wine Without the Headaches (or Histamines)
January 5, 2017
Rio Secreto: Exploring Mexico’s Underground Rivers & Caves
January 6, 2017

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  1. Sami G says:

    When traveling I always pack a compact quick dry towel https://www.amazon.com/dp/B014QVU3RI

  2. Kadz12 says:

    WHY does this have so many views?……

  3. honestly my goals in life is to achieve this !!!!!!!

  4. LOL says:

    she is beautiful

  5. Whats the names of these songs they're sooo GOODDD

  6. Joe Bloggs says:

    Thinking of getting a blonde, any advice on what model I should go for?

  7. Jan Grund says:

    what is this song?

  8. Of course there is a booty in the thumbnail ?

  9. Does anyone know what programme he used to edit the video, etc. ?

  10. Efrendo X says:

    Very inspiring videos, I have my own traveling channel if anyone want to check it out too

  11. Jazmin AC says:

    he's basically filming his life at all moment

  12. can someone please tell me all the cameras he uses for these videos !! xxx

  13. Chaos Tade says:

    you cant not get jealous by this. fuck.

  14. I am from Russia and I really like your videos,keep it up!

  15. Stop Now says:

    When people say money can't buy happiness…

  16. That video Rocked on so many Levels!!!!!

  17. Carys George says:

    all I came here to say is…..GOALS AF!!!!??

  18. DuskTheGod says:

    What camera/attachments/editing software he using!?!?!?

  19. Amnesia says:

    awesome! money root of it all unfortunately =/

  20. Where do they get the cash to do this

  21. I made short video of my trip in Venice id love to hear what you think guys!!

    good vibes for you <3

  22. I have a playlist full of video of fun things to do in California. Hope you guys can check it out! Unfortunately my videos don't feature as many bikini shots haha

  23. So close to 1 Million Jay! Cant believe how far you've come man. Been around since 2K subs. Cant wait for 2017

  24. seba rojas says:

    no podes tener esa mina loco. para toda la vida….

  25. I'd rather watch drug dealers in the hood

  26. I'm putting out some sweet travel and adventure videos! If that's your kinda thing, swing by and tell me what you think on one of my videos!

  27. check out my last traveling video. it ll inspire u

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