Kyoto Travel Guide: Things to do & see in Kyoto, Japan!

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Wondering what to do when you’re in Kyoto? Here are some of Kyoto’s top attractions!
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Places visited (in order of the video):

→ Kiyomizudera Temple
→ Hello Kitty Saryo
→ Arabica
→ Neko Cafe Time
→ Arashiyama Monkey Park
→ Arashiyama Bamboo Grove
→ Tea Ceremony Koto
→ Kinkakuji
→ (not in video but recommended) Gion District

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  1. Hi! Thanks for commenting my Ho Chi Minh video. Nice video with great information about Kyoto, thanks for that because I'm going to Kyoto next May.. Btw, you look so bright. Keep in touch ????

  2. Elke Sockeel says:

    you really have an eye for making travel videos!! love it 🙂 I was in tokyo last year, wish I had the chance to visit kyoto too! btw I subscribed to your channel 🙂 keep up the good work!

  3. Elke Sockeel says:

    one more thing, what camera do you use? the image quality is amazing

  4. Betty To says:

    really enjoy your channel! i just found it and damn! def subscribed haha x

  5. Kyoto must be a real experience. I've been to Tokyo before but I really want to visit Kyoto too at some point in my life.

  6. I want to do video but my camera quality suck lol what kind of camera do you use?

  7. Marc Lee says:

    You are very inspiring :)

  8. MsJessaE says:

    this is awesome !! i wanna go to kyoto now haha

  9. I'm actually going to Japan in September! You're making me want to go now!

  10. Joey C says:

    Such a cool vlog!

  11. Kyoto is nice and did you try kimono? It was a special experience!

  12. Makavelic CK says:

    Nice video. Really helped me decide what I will do when I go to Japan this Summer!

  13. Sean Stanton says:

    Just arrived in kyoto after and 9 hour night bus:-). Got a load of idea from this vid, thank a lot, Sounds like i have a great week ahead of me.

  14. ItzaMeylin says:

    Awesome video! Hopefully I'll be able to go to Japan one day!

  15. Nancy Li says:


  16. MotoCrazy66 says:

    I'll be there next week!

  17. Teresa Vu says:

    amazing video!

  18. SeeKaysee says:

    I. Can't. Get. Enough. Of. Your. VIDEOS. OMERGHERD.
    I was fortunate to experience a tea ceremony while I was in Japan and I will never forget how beautiful and regal it all looked and felt.

  19. Crystal Liu says:

    4:52 That's me when I try to get up in the morning

  20. rakkkar says:

    That tea ceremony appears to be something I'd enjoy a lot (yes I drink too much tea and no I can never get enough). Kyoto also looks like a gorgeous place, you could not have given a better tour of it. The last few seconds of you walking the path are a visual bliss as well, love your style! I just wanna grab my money and spend it on the next flight, though I might just have to wait a little longer ?

  21. GCDvlogs says:

    Your videos are incredible! thanks for commenting so I could actually find them haha :-)

  22. did u visit the red tori temple early in the morning? im currently planing my trip,i read is better to visit the temples early but i don't have enough days to visit the ones i want in the morning (-_-)

  23. dayswithsun says:

    Your parents are adorable!!! Love love love Kyoto. You make me miss it! :)

  24. May I ask where you get your music for your videos? ^_^
    I've been to Kyoto in February for 10 days and walked the whole city in 1 day, so much fun and free stuff to do as well in Kyoto ^_^

  25. c m says:

    Thank you for this. Awesome video. We'll be visiting Kyoto soon, this was very helpful. 🙂 Cheers from Vancouver Canada

  26. Huê Trịnh says:

    Thanks for the great video.

  27. Kyoto looks beautiful! I can't wait to visit :)

  28. Girl, you are killing it! I need to catch up on all your videos I've missed!

  29. Soley Pas says:

    Two things:

    1. It is great to see your daddy's face here. RIP for him.

    2. OMG! It is Japan! I love to be there. It is one of the places that I will definitely travel there one day!

    And thank you for showing these amazing place.

  30. omg i just left kyoto a week ago!! :o

  31. did you do all that in 1 day

  32. Jim Le says:

    You deserve a lot more subscribers ?

  33. ALEX -Chan says:

    looks beautiful! i can't wait till i visit. btw your video was very helpful. great job.

  34. That hello kitty cafe is adorable!

  35. monkeys, monkeys, and more monkeys YaY

  36. foovler says:

    I freaking love Japan! @ 4:38 LoL at monkey's butt, is dat blood?

  37. Chai JiaYu says:

    May I know how many days you spend in Kyoto to explore? Will it be boring when it's at night ? ^.^ Will making day trip to Kyoto better? I love your video, hope you can guide me as i'm travelling there :)

  38. Japan is so beautiful………they truly live simply in such a beautiful way. Very sophisticated culture.

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