La Paz, Bolivia Travel Guide: Things to see & do!

Travel Style: Rick Moonen
January 14, 2017
Practical Advice For Students Who Dream Of Traveling
January 15, 2017

La Paz is known as the HIGHEST capital in the WORLD, at 12,000 ft above sea level. Here are a few things to do, eat, and see in La Paz, Bolivia to give you a taste of this South American city in the mountains! Quirks mentioned:

→ Mi Teleférico, the urban transit system of Bolivia.
→ Bolivian cuisine including api & pastel, pique macho, llama steak, and endless fruit juices!
→ Witches Market, otherwise known as Mercado de las Brujas.
→ Moon Valley, otherwise known as Valle de la Luna, is a bizarre lunar landscape created by the erosion of mountains by wind and rain.
→ Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat at 10,582 square kilometers.
→ El Camino de la Muerte, or Death Road, is a dangerous 40-mile ride down dirty & gravel.

S/O to my good friend Marcus for the Death Road GoPro shot!

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  1. angiebunii says:

    YAAAS A new videoooo! I learned so much from this video. You make it seem like we are traveling with you, I love it. How do you manage to hold your camera, film your travels? Is your camera heavy?

  2. I love your videos!! You've definitely inspired me to begin traveling, thank you

  3. Danielle says:

    Adding yet another city to my bucket list! Thanks TJ!

  4. nyc0053 says:

    Muy fantástico, gracias! please, don't forget Peru. =] or 中国 8]

  5. ok gotta ask… Did you find cheap flights from asia to south america? when i looked a when back from the philippines to there it was crazy prices

  6. Love the food which was presented and the sound track which you use is awesome …. cant wait for some more videos of your travel. Some suggestion – If you could make a video or include in your video tips to interact with Bolivians and cultural changes which you had to adapt that will be very resourceful for future travelers .

  7. AlwaysonKieu says:

    Oh wow love ur edits girl!! Anyways this was very informative!!

  8. TheNicofabi says:

    Kinda wanna go there now… though that bike trip would scare the hell out of me haha

  9. RADVNTR says:

    Love how you explained and gave more info on the culture! Bolivia looks like a beautiful place to visit :)

  10. Kris Watson says:

    Was that trip on the death road realllyyyy worth it. Man my heart would of been pounding the whole time lol. Great vid ????

  11. Claire Wang says:

    I noticed that little llama with the information bubble and was like "wow, that's such a cute touch!" and then when you said llama steak and the llama said "wow you b*tch" i literally could not stop laughing. it's little touches like these that make your videos so enjoyable to watch!

  12. this city looks so beautiful!! & ur editing is amazing :)

  13. travelbabble says:

    I'm so glad you commented on my video so I could find your channel! I love your channel so much! you are basically living my dream.

  14. IAMKARENO says:

    Your videos are so so so good

  15. Carol Elsden says:

    Aw I love this!! Your so gorgeous❤️

  16. I love this! Where do you go to edit?

  17. Bolivia looks amazing! Especially that cheese pastie… Sigh really wanna travel now.

  18. Teresa Vu says:

    amazing video!

  19. RACHEL GABE says:

    Omg i love your channel!! 🙂 🙂 amazing videos! xx

  20. Alba Nuvo says:

    Wow love the quality !!! Amazing! Great video! Lovin your channel!

  21. Alba Nuvo says:

    Wow love the quality !!! Amazing! Great video! Loving your channel!

  22. I seriously love your channel and your passion! Im so fond of your decisions to travel the world and hopefully someday I will find myself doing the same :)

  23. Cailli York says:

    Such a beautiful place to visit! ?

  24. I love your video TJ! I am from Bolivia but live abroad. Thanks for the video!

  25. TheStyleIcon says:

    Seriously stunning travelling guide. Loved all the tips, facts and the research you've done, it makes it a really enjoyable video to watch :)

  26. findgem says:

    Omg. Its a beautiful town!

  27. rakkkar says:

    Pastel looks so good, I love ma chesse _ and that juice as well (had to pay like 9 bucks for a good smoothie in Canada). Moon Valley looks really gorgeous as well and like the perfect place for some beautiful pictures. I have got to visit Bolivia now as well (I might even know someone from there soo…). I just wish I had a fun travelling companion like you who also takes gorgeous pictures and doesn't mess them up (my aunt recently took the worst composed shots of me in Toronto and I failed at teaching her the basics of photography but it was still a ton fun exploring the city and having her as a guide with no clue). Still loving your videos, now onto the next ;)

  28. Trishac says:

    How much was the "mantilla" (the thing you have on) and where did you buy it?. Ahhhh And Where was the wrestling? THank you.Love your video.

  29. Buen video gracias por visitar Bolivia….,.,.,. sean bienvenidos ..

  30. AzuluzA says:

    Great video!!!! love your cinematography, following a def!!!

  31. Robert Brehm says:

    Great vid! Volunteering in Bolivia next January!

    You really worked on the video and content. thank you for making such a beautiful video about my city. Stay at Landscape B&B when in La Paz!

  33. Great video, however in the beginning you state La Paz is not actually the capital, which is erroneous. Bolivia has 2 capitals, ala Paz and Sucre. Besides the info error, it was an excellent video.

  34. Good Image and I like so much Bolivia but the song at the beginning of the video is from Perú, "EL Condor Pasa" from HUanuqueño Daniel Alomia Robles. Salutes

  35. SASHE says:

    go lima Perú

  36. billy gates says:

    i am getting like your channel. i am confident you will soon reach 10k easily

  37. Tomas Tapia says:

    I really appreciate this video, I watched it many times but I would like to know some words in the minute 02:20 from the video that says LAMA….. Could you or somebody please tell me the word?? thanks. I'm Tomas from Bolivia

  38. YA CG says:

    my sweet home, bolivia <3

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