Linking Your Blue Business Plus Card To Your Membership Rewards Account

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June 7, 2017
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Recently American Express introduced The Blue BusinessSM Plus Credit Card, which is one of the hottest new credit cards in the market. The card has no annual fee, accrues Membership Rewards points that can be transferred to airline and hotel partners, and most valuable of all, it offers 2x Membership Rewards points on the first $50,000 spent annually. On top of that, it’s offering a special sign-up bonus of 20,000 Membership Rewards points upon completing minimum spend.

The way I see it, that makes this card the single most lucrative credit card for non-bonused spend. I’ve explained in a previous post why you should consider applying for the card, and also explained how you can apply for this card as a sole proprietorship, even if you don’t have a corporation.

However, after applying for the card, some readers have been confused about how to add the Blue Business Plus Credit Card to their existing online profile, so that they can pool all their Membership Rewards points. For example, reader Yang asked the following:

Hi Ben, I applied and was approved with the new Amex Blue Business Card with your link!

However, the system does not allow me to add this card to my existing Amex online account and I have to create a new online account for that card.

As I am planing to close my Platinum Card but don’t want to lose my Membership Rewards points, I was wondering if this Blue Business can still help to keep my points alive even in a different online account? Thanks!

This is an issue some people seem to be having, so let’s talk about that.

The easy way to link your card to other Amex accounts

First of all, Ford just applied for the Blue Business Plus Credit Card this morning, and was instantly approved.

After the approval he was brought to a page where he could choose to create a new account, or add the card to an existing account.

He had no trouble adding the card to his existing online log-in, and it showed up there immediately. However, I recognize that this is where others are having issues.

A lot of people aren’t having that experience. Apparently some people aren’t able to add their new card to their existing account because they’re not indicating whether or not they want to take advantage of a balance transfer option. On the approval page you’ll be asked if you want to make a balance transfer — just select either “No, Thank You” or “Submit All.” If you don’t, you often won’t immediately be able to link your card to an existing account… at least that’s the experience that many are having.

In case that doesn’t work…

If you’re one of the people who isn’t able to link your Blue Business Plus Credit Card to your existing account at the time you’re approved (either because you forgot to select the balance transfer option, or for whatever other reason), don’t register the card online yet, but rather wait until you get it in the mail. Most report luck linking the card once it arrives in the mail.

In case you don’t take the above advice and still create a new log-in, don’t worry about that either. Once you receive the card, you may notice that the accounts have automatically linked, and that all cards show up under your main Membership Rewards profile.

In the event that isn’t the case, you’ll want to manually unlink and then link your account again. Log into the online account associated with your Blue Business Plus Credit Card, and select “Account Services.”

Then click on “Card Management,” and then select “Remove Card from Online Management.”

Once the card is removed from that account, log into the online account where you want the card to be, and go through the same process, except click “Register a New Card” at the end. That should do the trick.

Bottom line

When you get the new Blue Business Plus Credit Card, you’ll want to be sure you link your card to the same online account as your other Membership Rewards cards. This will allow you to pool the points you earn across cards, including The Platinum Card® from American ExpressThe Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN, etc.

This is something that absolutely is possible, though there are a variety of reasons people seem to be having issues. One of the above techniques should help solve this problem for most.

For those who have applied for the Blue Business Plus Card, did you have issues adding it to your existing online account?

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