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March 12, 2017
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March 13, 2017

Join ReiseWorld for a Norwegian Escape TOUR & cruise ship REVIEW of decks and cabins (going from up to bottom).
Still photos: Norwegian Cruise Line

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  1. Dan Smith says:

    many cruise lines are doing what they call a ship within a ship, lol. sounds to me like first class and second class. The good old days are back.

  2. Nice tour…I take my 1st NCL trip in November and another one in December. I've only cruised Carnival and Royal so far.

  3. A bowling alley you have got to be kidding me!?!

  4. Love your voice XD nice ship

  5. Michele Dinh says:

    A very nice review of the Norwegian escape! I enjoyed watching. Thank you.

  6. Don Thomas says:

    My wife and I will be sailing in July. We have sailed Carnival, Celebrity, and Royal but have never been more
    excited about trying Norwegian and the ESCAPE. Your video was extremely well done. Thank you.

  7. I have been on The Norwegian Escape and The Queen Mary2 , the best is The Norwegian Escape. I want to thank Julie Valleriote, the cruise director she did a great job.

  8. cjhan47 says:

    nice ship the open deck seems crowed and kinda junky. to many hard white structures.

  9. James Gronke says:

    Me and my family are going in may 2017 on the escape thanks for the video I cant wait

  10. Jim Leighton says:

    I just got back yesterday 3/5/16 from a 7 night cruise with the escape. For the most part I liked my time on the ship. It was new and comfortable.
    I did come away with some negatives though. A smokey casino directly in the middle of the ship wasn't appropriated. It was hard to breathe. The entertainment was below average (B list type of acts). Having to pay extra for a lot of things despite a large cost just to get on the ship was ridiculous. Not finding a deck chair at all to sun was the worst part. Everyday they were taken. There's much more, but it would take too long to type it out.
    I will probably check out other cruise lines in the future. So far Disney is my one and only.
    Thank you for your video review. I felt I was there again

  11. HAH! Channel says:


  12. Jackie wA says:

    What a brilliant video, you given us an amazing tour! and i thank you for it!!! Am going in September for my birthday… going solo never been on a cruise before but after seeing this it a Must

  13. I gave you a thumbs up because I like the overall video but I think that you could've left out the comment of you being vegan is about dead animals.

  14. thanks so much for sharing this, awesome

  15. wadawaddah says:

    So crowded. Maybe the ship is too small ?

  16. thank you! we are taking this cruise in a few months and watched your whole review. Loved it. Keep up the great reviews.

  17. Enjoyed the video. Planning a trip on tne Esacape. Thank You!

  18. I'm taking this ship in August 2016. I am hosting a small group cruise called Fabulous Faces at Sea: The 2016 Craniofacial Cruise. I'm looking forward to this ship and its diversity of facilities and activities. I'm booked in a Studio stateroom.

  19. Im guessing the Escape also has the firework show?

  20. Uvais Mp says:

    Hell😃 bros and sis

  21. Ella Faye35 says:

    I went on this I was the 8th group to go on it

  22. Reese Rivera says:

    I'm going on this ship tomorrow

  23. Sure is a great ship, will be going on it very very soon.

  24. pinkpoo007 says:

    Love your accent. Very well presented. Thank you for sharing

  25. Oscar Leo says:

    are the drinks and food all inclusive or you have to pay..

  26. Je veux partir sur ce bateau !!!!!!!

  27. Adam Carter says:

    Watched this entire video. What a great tour! Thank you!

  28. Really enjoyed this tour will be cruising in April 2017 on the Escape as a first time cruiser i can't wait

  29. Kim Talibou says:

    Went on this – last June! You will love it… very fun, nice and just happy

  30. I will be on this ship in 6 days

  31. Hank Cohen says:

    A very honest presentation.

  32. I'm super excited! Leaving this Saturday on this ship ❤ Dec. 10th cruise week, anyone else going?

  33. Diddleshot says:

    Really nice review, does open me up to the idea of a cruise

  34. I'm "Like" number 770. Thank you for this wonderful tour.

  35. Thank you for the tour especially the solo cabins. I'll be sailing this summer.

  36. I like the veggies burger and nachos @ margaritaville any other good vegetarian option at other restaurants?

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