Overwatch Travel Guide – Route 66 Map Guide!

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January 2, 2017
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January 3, 2017

Overwatch Route 66 Map Guide! Both Attack and Defense sides of the Route 66 Map are covered in this guide video.

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  1. DeviousDW says:


    Another great video bud! Keep em coming, really enjoy it!


  2. how do you view the maps like this? I would love to fly through the maps myself to study the background

  3. Yami Gianor says:

    Everytime I watch these map guides, I feel like I'm a little kid again watching Legends of the Hidden Temple.

    "You can go this route, drop down the tunnel, and grab the large health pack. Or take this path and potentially get behind the enemy."

    The choice is yours, and yours alone. Good luck.

  4. Saturn V90 says:

    I tried to do that Lucio strat where you wall run up he train and it doesn't work. However you can just go up the train inside of it and if you are fast enough you can knock them off.

  5. this is really quite helpfull !, keep it up

  6. Your videos always hype me up. Whenever I watch them I have to play Hahhaa. Is there a possibility I could play with you???

  7. Reavez says:

    Subbed! Ugh i really need to pick up a copy of this game, looks like alot of fun

  8. This videos are sooooo good.
    I don't know if you've done them already, but I'd love to see Liajing Tower, because I notice that everytime I play I stick to the same exact routes and most of the team does and we get shot down in one blow. I think you would probably have some interesting tricks or something for it.
    Keep doing this videos, they're great, and you do a wonderful job giving ideas and explaining things. I really do love the content you produce.

  9. Buddy Jesus says:

    Dat global illumination though…

  10. What is his intro music?

  11. Excellent video. Please do the other maps, too?

  12. Love your tour videos and I def never noticed that little spot on the 2nd floor, over that gap, of the bar. Gonna put some Junkrat work there tonight!

    Id love to see Hollywood! Attacking that first point against a Symmetra, Bastion/Torbjorn is so obnoxious :(

  13. roboticspace says:

    Please do the other maps

  14. Voltage says:

    Can you do Lijang Tower next

  15. Artemiy Sei says:


  16. please do kings row and hollywood

  17. 8:35 for any zed main out here ;)

  18. Wazzuup Kiwi says:

    maybe start on the control maps, I'd like ilios.

  19. Gabe Talks says:


  20. I'd like to see a map tour of Lijiang Tower because you haven't covered a KotH map yet and I think it should be the first. Love your vids!

  21. Hitopopamus says:

    Wow, I just realized there are different types of health packs. I always thought the amount of heal depends on some mysterious factor I couldn't figure out lol

  22. Wanda Kelly says:

    please do a guide for Lijiang Tower I am dying.

  23. Sometimes the Payload spawns on the opposite side, there is an area where i always get so much Hassle by Turrets and i can never Fucking Get out! lol

  24. take shots in the bar ;)

  25. At the spawn, you can attack by the left behind a Reinhart barrier, you have a wide line of sight on the road and easilly take down defense

  26. why you stop doing this kind of videos?? what about hollywood, dorado, gibraltar?

  27. finish your travel guide, you're worse than thomas cook ya tit

  28. not a profi says:

    You map guides are super nice. Are you going to do it for other maps?

  29. Karl775 says:

    Red alert 2 is feckin boss, a fine choice of intro music

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