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April 3, 2017
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April 4, 2017

Hello again reddit.

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Me packing for my month-long trip. I’ve gotten a pretty solid response to this video so I have enabled comments. Thanks in advance for all the nice feedback right? 🙂 The bag in this video is an REI Stratocruiser 22″ that can be found here:



  1. jim mitchell says:

    very good until the first morning when you need that underwear that is packed at the bottom of that clown car mess. You have to unpack it all to get to the stuff you need at the bottom.

  2. Ms. DBZ Dubs says:

    Okay but, do you have a tutorial.

  3. i would probably get half of it in there

  4. Derreck S says:

    Where's your dam deodorant and tooth brush u filthy animal

  5. Вот же круто. А зачем?????

  6. Linus Wärn says:

    That's a serious amount of clothes.

  7. Jenn TM says:

    This wouldn't work for girls 😂 The amounth of clothes: Yes. But where's my makeup, shampoos, alls kind of hair stuff and so on

  8. Cheese_Tube says:

    Just a quick question. What if my backpack doesn't open all the way like that? How screwed am I?

  9. Jayne Vlogs says:

    I like how he fits stuff in his shoes to be efficient

  10. I want to know how much he paid for his bag.

  11. Alex Roman says:

    where are the toiletries?

  12. Merfamuel says:

    How about just using 2 bags?

  13. Pascal Erb says:

    Excellent video fellow!

  14. siidheart says:

    Whoa! Thats too much,,

  15. Dhruvi Do says:

    U were tooooo fast😡😡😡

  16. he packed so many clothes

  17. and he should really get a bigger bag

  18. Great job! Just made the nice clean fresh socks all stinky from your nasty sneakers. EW.

  19. Со штанами идея хорошая, а вот футболки удобней все таки скручивать коблаской.

  20. Great channel, really loved it!

  21. J.J. says:

    It's very pleasing to see a luggage packed with clothes only. Girls need to squeeze high heels, skin care crap, makeup crap, hair-styling crap, etc in there.

  22. Jay Juarez says:

    smh y'all judge too much

  23. Messiahs says:

    How does this has nearly 11 Millionen views…. it is a guy packing shit in a very bad way in a bag… it is not useful at all and doesnt even pack essentials you need.,.. what?!

  24. 1 month !! 😭
    Dude so dope !

  25. brettney72 says:

    Yeah But most airlines weigh your hand luggage 5 kilos MAX

  26. T Rex says:

    you cud have shown it at double the speed, jackass

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