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February 25, 2017
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February 26, 2017

The knowledged, professional and courteous staff here at Player’s Club Tours strives to create a unique, stress-free and memorable travel experience for each of our VIP guests. We will not only guide you through a hassle-free international travel experience, but we will also ensure that your individual style is accommodated while abroad. We are able to make these accommodations because our groups are exclusive to 6-8 VIP guests- allowing for personalized service.
Whether you travel individually, as a couple, or with a small group you will travel in style and luxury from the moment your trip begins. Our staff will arrange for the most comfortable airline accommodations; stays at the finest resorts across the globe; professional staff to assist you; and friendly and outgoing tour hosts. This trip will center around you and your needs, making it a trip of a lifetime. You deserve the very best that the world has to offer and we will confidently arrange that for you.
Our luxury world travel tours include the top 10 beaches and the top 10 casino destinations in the world. You can explore the wonders of the Pacific Rim such as the eclectic city of Hong Kong where East meets West; the luxuriously adorned resorts and casinos of Macau; and the natural exotic splendor of Phuket, Thailand. If you’ve ever dreamed of exploring South America, let us take you to the surreal destination of Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro, or on a latin america adventure through the lush tropical rain forests of Costa Rica.
We strive to cater to your lifestyle and personal interests. Our tour hosts will arrange for daily activities that you will enjoy. Whether you prefer to spend your time relaxing on a sandy beach; gaming in a world famous casino, trekking through lush tropical rainforests, or scuba diving in tropical warm waters; our tour hosts will personalize your trip. Again, our goal is to create memories that will last a lifetime.
Dependent on the trip you choose, Player’s Club Tours will typically provide you with a staff that includes: a personal concierge, tour hosts, translators, professional chefs, professional photographers, and professional security personnel. You will not only travel in style and luxury, but your travels will also be safe and secure. That is our commitment to you.
Traveling around the world, exploring new lands, and experiencing different cultures are dreams that so many share. In the end, when you look back on all that you have accomplished- the successful career, the successful family, the happiness you shared with others- you will not be able to remember every detail of every experience. It is our job to create those lasting experiences that will stay with you forever. You can’t sit around and expect great things to happen in life- sometimes you have to go out and create them for yourself- or in this case allow us to create them for you. It would be our honor to serve you in making your dreams a reality.

Nobody does charter travel as efficiently as VIP. We handle all the details, with one of our professional
escorts always along to oversee your full trip and return flight. Most of our charter flights utilize the
convenient Allentown and Harrisburg airports, and we often offer bus transport from outlying areas, to
and from the airport. We look out for your requests and needs on every trip, handling air seat assignments
and your room requests, with a personal touch. You are never just a computer print out with VIP.

Our Atlantic City destinations are all of the HARRAH’S CASINOS where we have an excellent working relationship with the Harrah’s National casino marketing staff. We travel to their Atlantic City casinos for
day, overnight and extended trips with complimentary trips aboard our own Luxribus coaches, full sized
custom coaches including comfortable oversized captain chair seating, satellite TV monitors, service kitchen,
and our own staff of professional, courteous, and safe drivers and hostesses serving continental breakfast,
freshly made deli sandwiches, and snacks. Our customers always appreciate that the coaches have custom
full size lavatories. In these days of high gas prices, and challenging traffic issues, just sit back, relax and allow
us to get you there and back safely and in style. Your area specific calendar informs you of departure dates
and convenient pick up locations for Luxribus to Atlantic City and our other bus charter trip destinations.
Our busses are also available for private charter.

We are your Gambling Trip Specialists for price and convenience. We offer Air Charters, Bus Charters, Individual Air/Hotel packages, and Cruises customized to your needs. Players worldwide are welcome. Bring any current casino offer and we’ll match or better it.


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