Rick Steves’ Guide to Cuba

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January 6, 2017
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January 7, 2017

In this travel lecture, Rick Steves describes his experience traveling through Cuba as the US began easing decades of travel restrictions for American tourists. Expand your travel horizons and learn about the time-passed elegance of Havana, Cuba’s classic American cars, fine $5 rum, the best Cuban cigars, and the idealistic charms of this remarkable island and its people. (Produced by Seattle’s KCTS 9.)



  1. vergilg says:

    Cuba is eliminating the double currency this year. They are sticking with the convertible.

  2. Xavier Ramos says:

    Castro is a tyrant, an oppressor, and a brutal killer. Is it also so" fascinating" to you all the violations of human rights, political prisoners, and thousands he murdered? Please stop with politics Mr. Rick.

  3. lovebugea says:

    castro always wanted to be communist, he just lied and said that he didn't so more people would join the revolution.

  4. 18Daisy Doll says:

    I love the frog!!!

  5. Welcome Tv says:

    the country of Cuba

  6. JESUS RR says:

    Most comprehensive and accurate guide to Cuba and its people on the internet. It would be impossible to point out all attractions in Havana or the whole island instead he explains how to take advantage of a more economical side of tourism and at the same time benefits the cuban people…great advice, till then, keep on traveling.

  7. jj Mayfield says:

    You gave really good information and explained everything very well. I even subscribed because of how good this presentation was. Thanks for the tips Rick!

  8. I love Rick Steves, he present in a funny light way the reality of Cuba, he’s not going to talk about the lack of freedom or any other major problems in Cuba, he just present Cuba as a tourist destination, he’s a travel journalist. Thanks God Mr. Steves that you can travel around the world and use your money to take your family to have a good time in Cuba, that have been denied to Cubans for more than 50 years. But yes, definitely Cuba is an amazing tropical paradise, rich in culture, stunning scenery and extraordinary people trying to survive every day. Welcome to Cuba!

  9. Rey says:

    Dear Rick,
    I very much enjoy your series and appreciate your latest presentation/discourse regarding your travels in Cuba.This being said,as a 'Cuban-American' of Spanish descent I would like to weigh in on your comment on the comparisons made between Cuba and the U.S. with regard to the state of society and the economic system etc.The reason people(primarily the refugee-immigrant) have submitted the perspective you commented on is due to the fact that Cuban society with its 500yr history, mostly European and specifically of Spanish origin,is the oldest and was one of the wealthiest in the Americas.Cuba was not just a colony of Spain but a province(the wealthiest at one point) of what was arguably the most powerful Empire in the world for three centuries.Furthermore,in modern times,The peso's value to the Dollar fluctuated from .99-1.03.Statistically,the average Cuban's standard of living and wages were higher than some European countries.Ethnically/racially Cuba's pre-Castro population was around 70%Hispano-European(white).In other words without going into too much detail,Cuba on a smaller scale enjoyed a relatively 'first world' (maybe second world at worst)standard which would've been comparable to a small U.S. state rather than a third world mostly indigenous/mestizo type country commonly referenced throughout Latin America.

  10. Cuban Nerd says:

    It's a good thing they didn't take you their really "nice" hospitals. They seriously fool you in that regard, honestly. Also in Cuba a lot of people do drugs a lot too, so people who tells you that rum is their choice that might be true but having born and raised there I know that drugs are accessible there since Cuba is a bridge between South American cartels and the US. Other than that, this is a pretty good guide for americans who want to visit my country.

  11. For all ,As a Cuban myself I Known that Fidel Castro is brutal dictator ' but he is the best that ever Cuba had "Don't forgotten 50 year of USA Embargo that bring so much pain to my people.

  12. Oh 'There is NOT DRUG S A ALL but if you find any drug there is because tourist introduced it.

  13. so excited…..planning a trip for June 2017 -thank you for the video

  14. Hello, travelling in January 2017. Is it necessary to get a tourist card/visa to enter Cuba. If so, how do I obtain? Have tried calling Cuban Embassy in Washington, D.C. and have left numerous messages to no avail. Also, how and where do I obtain the U.S. Declaration Form which you mention in your video. Thanks so very much for your help.

  15. Great video, thanks for making it. Really was fun to see if from your point of view and all the information you shared about your trip.

  16. "Slave" culture? How about it calling it African culture?

  17. Education, medicine and no crime on the street in Cuba. You got that right and your comparison with Central/ Latin America is very accurate.

  18. Very well done, and an excellent educated grasp of the political aspects of our relationship and Castro's aims.

  19. J Santiago says:

    Where did you stay in Trinidad?

  20. Belin Gonza says:

    Great video! Cubans get a lot of free things but food is rationed out. You get free medicine if they have it but most of the time they don't. There's people that say the government is stealing the money. There's 11,000000 people in cuba its not cheap. It's expensive to run a country . They owe the russians $35 billion dollars. Anyway very good video. By the way any time you say anything good about cuba your going to piss-off someone who has suffered!

  21. Tom Bombadil says:

    making fun of the 'poor' Cubans. just to remind them why they prefer comunist dictatorship to an americans dictatorship

  22. ILLGOOD says:

    Seems to me Cuba's people are well behaved and socially friendlier than Americans. Americans needs some lessons.

  23. Nurun Hoque says:

    I visited Cuba back in 1999, it was a residential trip from my university. I must its an interesting country, with many fond memories of beautiful sceneries and lovely friendly people! they all seem content and happy with what little they have…. I love that! I would love to visit Cuba again…. and I know I will in the future! :)

  24. thx Rick. real 360 review. next stop – Cuba!

  25. JuanCarlos C says:

    GREAT TALK! quite informative and insightful. Thanks for sharing your views on Cuba

  26. Rick Hayes says:

    My carrier is T-Mobile. When I travel to Cuba which prepaid phone card
    is the cheapest for calling back to the USA ? Please give me any info
    what is the best option for me. Thanks

  27. Going from Orlando to Havana for 154 RT. 42 for fare and 112 for taxes. lol Purchased 12/15/16. On jetblue you can buy visa from Jetblue for 50 dollars at check-in counter.

  28. Wow I took a pic with this same guy., lol

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