Rome in a nutshell city guide for first-time visitors

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January 16, 2017
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January 17, 2017

City guide of Rome for first-time visitors.

A trip to the Eternal City can be eternally confusing for first-time visitors. This guide will make it easier to uncover Rome, offering lots of practical advice that will help you discover and enjoy the city in all its glory.

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  1. Rome…A Paradise when you visit it; an Hell when you live in it…

  2. This guy sounds like Ezio

  3. Esad Me says:

    Have I luck that I'm going on October there :DD

  4. Rome. It's of course personal but ,Rome is the most beautiful city in the whooooooooole wide world.

  5. Andrea Hall says:

    What this video fails to show is all of the graffiti everywhere, disgusting vomit and shit all over the sidewalks, and the masses of annoying and pushy vendors.

  6. Eli Solo says:

    The Rome guide for 65 year old travelers from Iowa

  7. Grazie…I am traveling next week to Rome and the information is really handy. I will make most of it. Thanks much

  8. I love Rome!! It is a beautiful and amazing city I hope to come back to!!

  9. I am going in Feb and wondered if some major attractions are closed then? Thanks

  10. I have been to Rome on my own twice. The first time I was 43 years old and read all the "safe" ways to go about my trip. The best thing to do is learn as much Italian as you can – it goes a long way. Secondly, be confident and challenge prices i.e public transport prices ( they know you're a tourist ) and they always try to add on a couple of Euros- just say NO! And what is the normal price for a bus ticket? Thirdly, relax, you're there to enjoy yourself! Whatever you do, always throw yourself into their way of life – don't eat or drink near a tourist spot. Go into the back streets where the Italians go – much cheaper and a better experience. And finally, this is the best time you'll ever have – " When in Rome ". Ciao

  11. Dapper Don says:

    Me and my girlfriend are going in March I can't wait! Thanks for the video

  12. ROME is the greatest city in Europe

  13. millennium85 says:

    Sun up above, still you keep watch on your city of Rome! Nothing greater you've seen and never will see a thing greater. Horace

  14. arediger2011 says:

    The Notorious B.I.T.

  15. Is this commentary made for people with special needs? I have been to Rome before the internet and just played it by ear….I had no trouble…I speak no Italian…but I would warn anyone to keep an eye out for pick pockets….I usually go 1or 2x a year. check out more reputable sites…time out…time advisor….state run advise

  16. I Rasponi. says:

    Rome is the heart of Europe

  17. Fleur says:

    Rome is absolutely great, but almost no one speaks english. And the people aren't very nice over there.. But it is absolutely lovely to visit and it is incredibly beautiful! I was there for 3 days, but I have seen everything :)

  18. We love Rome! Watch our short video of this astonishing city in our YT channel! ;)

  19. AWittyPanda says:

    I am going to rome in july, looking forward to it

  20. ?? Rome is so nice! I spent the weekend with my girlfriend in Rome. ? Check my edit here:

  21. Afro Fifa says:

    WOW Great Video!!!

  22. Lottechan says:

    I've just visited Rome in June and it was absolutely fantastic! I made a short travel vlog for the trip and some recommendations as well! Will really mean a lot if you guys can check it :)

  23. love it!! keep doing more amazing videos like this

  24. cappapagoooo says:

    "don't forget to leave a good tip" …except tipping isn't a thing in Italy (I'm italian) or most european countries. oh well you'll at least put a smile on the server's face lol

  25. Roarcach says:

    I just got back from Rome, idk why but it feels like home…. and I wanted to stay ?

  26. bhuvan joshi says:

    I will never ever be able to travel to rome?

  27. aaron kong says:

    Is Roma S.pietro a good area to stay?

  28. We love Rome it is both an ancient and modern city. We live in both Florida and southern Italy. I have a passion for everything Italy. I do a VLOG on places we love:


  29. I made a very structured and informative video on travelling Rome on my channel. Check it out if you need in depth info

  30. joolsner says:

    Just come back from a trip to Rome, awe inspiring city. But dirty and many pickpockets.

  31. Goku says:

    Odio quando gli americani vengono a Roma. Noi di solito fare scherzi su di loro.

  32. I love ROME. Thanks for this info.

  33. Agatha says:

    Anybody could please tell me where 9:05 place is? Thank You!

  34. EJBTravels says:

    Thank you so much for posting this beautiful, inspired, and inspiring video! It brings back and reinforces great memories of my first solo spring break in the city:)

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