Singapore Travel Guide – Must-See Attractions

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March 4, 2017
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March 5, 2017

Singapore is a country which is small in demographical area and wide in its economic status, in South East Asia. It is a country blend with a variety of cultures as there are individuals from countries like Malaysia, Chinese, Indian and Europe.
The most important places to visit in Los Angeles are: Universal Studios Singapore, Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Underwater World, Dolphin Lagoon, Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Flyer, Segway, Tiger Sky tower, Cineblast, Singapore Discovery and Centre & Army museum.
This video offers a lot of tips to help you plan the perfect vacation. If you want to save time and money, the most important Singapore travel tip is to compare prices before booking a hotel room or a flight. You can do this for free on a site that searches through hundreds of other travel websites in real time for the best travel deals available.



  1. RMANNA 117 says:

    Hear about the kid that got caned there? Fucked his ass up there government is whack

  2. 오재영 says:

    who live in bedok?

  3. yuna braska says:

    been there; beautiful place, and clean; but it feels sad.

  4. LPSChanelTV says:

    Omg im sploiling my self im going there next week thursday october 20,2016 wish it could be a fun traveling

  5. Singapore was a wonderful place.I want to go Singapore

  6. Hurricane800 says:

    The editing is following the song

  7. Evil Pagan says:

    The advantage places like Singapore or Dubai have over "the west" now is that they don't tolerate crime by coddling criminals and have an "immigrant" policy of "either behave or get out". No idiotic political correctness.

  8. singapore is better than indonesia

  9. Yasser UAE says:

    Naaahhh Dubai Better

  10. Hadi Himawan says:

    kok ada batik dan wayang?

  11. Julius Reyes says:

    this is my favorite country because its clean no dirty stuff

  12. Gamer_ Music says:

    Im going to singapore in 4 days, im So excited😁

  13. Zachplayz says:

    I'm from Singapore and every 2 years I visit Singapore 🇸🇬 and it seems awsome

  14. Andrew B. says:

    WHOA WHOA WAIT, this perfect Capitalist example of a successful country can't be presented without the American Liberal's idolized country of Socialism.

    CUBA has:

    1.) Free healthcares
    2.) Free educations
    3.) Free Living-in-squalor-because-a-radical-socialist-has-been-in-power-for-50-fucking-years.

  15. Good video about Singapore!

  16. Been here last September 🤓

  17. Dubai n Singapore both is beautiful! But Dubai is more hotter weather.
    And second, if you travel/live in Singapore you can easy travel next country (Thailand,Vietnam,Malaysia,Philippine,Indonesia,etc..)
    I never been both country, but my sister been there and I think she's right.
    If you working or travel in Thailand, you have 2 short day on vacation/holiday you can easy pack your bag to next country then come back to Singapore to working like normally, you can't do that if you live in Dubai, cause it's too far and time is tight.
    And maybe I'm Asian, so I still think Singapore it better :)) yes, my bias

  18. This place looks cool I really want to go there..I'm from the US what are the languages used in Singapore?

  19. What are the people like?

  20. Altex lan says:

    in singapore all are man made. including forest.

  21. Kamal Diya says:

    beautiful city!!!!

  22. singapore not bad like big malaysia. singapore chines. small stuped.

  23. Horrible place to visit or live, or be a part of. They still execute people over weed…………… I'd rather fight in a war to destroy their entire country than visit as tourist or anything.

  24. filthy weeb says:

    as a Brit, this really is amazing to seem I wish all the best to the former colony, but that may not be needed for this fast growing country.

  25. true says:

    No blacks and no Mexicans = no ghettos …………………!

  26. ItzBlitz says:

    I lived there for 4 years and now I moved and I miss so much

  27. Kartar N says:

    Has anyone seen……………..Z E I T G E I S T / M O V I N G / F O R W A R D / 2011 and the new I N T E R R E F L E C T I O N S tralier on U T U B E ? :::: It's worth watching ////^

  28. Javi Ruiz says:

    Wow Singapore looks very beautiful.

  29. it's a wonderful place.
    looking forward to visiting sg again.
    i miss it!

  30. latu dima says:

    singapore is a butiful palce i

  31. D Chancy says:

    This is the Barbaric city known world wide as the Center for Torture of males in Asia. The neanderthal government that rules this society continues to sentence males to brutality and floggings. Singapore is infamous for HUMAN RIGHTS violations. DO NOT VISIT this place.

  32. I lived in singapore for 7 years now i moved and I am crying wacthing this video 🙁

  33. 谢谢 🐘 ขอบคุณ ครับ

  34. I was there last summer and i didnt see any palm trees anywhere 🙁 thats like why i came there 🙁 but next summer we are MAYBE MAYBE coming there again and i want to

  35. Donari says:

    "The most important places to visit in Los Angeles are: Universal Studios Singapore, Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Underwater World, Dolphin Lagoon, Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Flyer, Segway, Tiger Sky tower, Cineblast, Singapore Discovery and Centre & Army museum."

    this makes no sense

  36. Tejas Tambat says:

    Singaporeans are Racists in nature which make this ant size Country bad place to visit, no matter how beautiful is this country but the Xenophobic nature of this country is the black spot on them. There are many hate crimes reported in this country, you will find many foreign tourist who suffer worst in Singapore, they have made documentary on it & posted on Youtube & some even uploaded their views on other sites.

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