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March 8, 2017
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March 9, 2017

Amazing Sri Lanka trip in March 2016
!!! Highly recommended Country !!!

-friendly people
-amazing nature
-warm ocean
-awesome beaches
-beautiful gems
-delicious exotic fruits
-great weather conditions
-safe country
-a lot elephants 🙂

Locations visited:
Dambula, Sígirija, Kandy, Galle, Collombo, Elephants orphanage, Ayurvedic farm, ANURADHAPURA, Aja Maha Vijara, Upulvana, Samana, Tea plantage, POLONNARUWA, Gal Vihara, Daladamaligawa, PINNAWALA, Kalutara

– Tuk tuk driving
– surfing
– Elephant ride
– lottos lake sailing
– gem and tea production
– tours
-and more 🙂




  1. BapOnTheGo says:

    Very cool guys! you ve got a new subscriber! 😉 cheers

  2. nice shots 🙂
    which tourist agency you've deal with in Sri Lanka??

  3. gabi darshan says:

    Super trip. Glory:)

  4. Wow man! Beautiful video. Keep it up! Sri Lanka looks amazing. Definitely on my list of places to go. Im currently in New Zealand and make videos of my travels too! Check out my channel sometime =)

  5. Any chance you provide in order your itinerary? We are currently planning our 12 trip.

  6. join to sri lanka travel art

  7. Great Video what's the place in 01,18 ?

  8. Felix Perera says:

    Natural video. superb.

  9. Great vid, nice inspiration thxs.

  10. Uncle Smaer says:

    I really liked this place !!!

  11. pateltb says:

    Great! What equipment did you use for the video?

  12. Ashenesti says:

    ohhh poor guys u just flyed in flydubai that airline zucks

  13. suki NG says:

    can u tell me the place at 1.04 plz thanks

  14. Great video subscribed to your channel can't wait too see more content. Me and my girlfriend have recently started our own travel channel would love if you could check it out and subscribe!

  15. May I take some shots from your video to my web site. It is a tourism web site

  16. check the guardian recommended trail. Its soo amazing. We loved it last year. it is a tour for heaven. check this fb page out to find the most prestine locations and off the beaten track tours you can have:

  17. nice work! seems you guys really enjoyed your time here in the homeland 🙂

  18. great one.come visit us.all the best Tigeragon

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