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February 12, 2017
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February 13, 2017


  1. Excellent video basics! Thank you Matt!

  2. hey,Im interested in joining :-)

  3. Jade Louie says:

    i am interested to join too.

  4. Lotoya Linn says:

    how much to join

  5. Santiago Po says:

    hi guys, I'm interested 🙂
    I've got my travel company in Chile

  6. Danish Raza says:


    Can I join it from Pakistan?

  7. Tim Kimamu says:

    awesome works. i am too interested.

  8. any fees after the $97? like monthly fees or any other fees.

  9. i am interested to join is this possible @nepal

  10. i need to get touch with ypu how can do it , or gime you number so i can call you thanks asap

  11. Kdot98 Z says:

    Hi! My is Kevin, and I'm interested.

  12. Hi am interested, how could I join with you. Thanks.

  13. Is it only for North America ???

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  15. Vic Chanel says:

    thank you for your video

  16. hi, i am looking for suppliers who would send your guests and customers to Java and Bali islands…there hundreds unique spots and great activities here!

  17. Dallas Rose says:

    Great Tips. Thank you. This is exactly what I have been looking for. I currently Market a High Ticket Travel and Vacation Club that I have Traveled with for 6 months and saved Thousands but I wanted to learn the Methods you went over. Thank you again.

  18. om uki says:

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  19. Bibek Gurung says:

    sir..what is the average income of traval agencies..

  20. kapil thakur says:

    hii how do I do the costing of an itinerary?

  21. feda jouda says:

    I'de like to join you my E-mail is

  22. sam awal says:

    Love this person accent , how confident and passionate about his presentation , wish got peacefull land and get peaceful and healthy mind like this person

  23. rahul kumar says:

    hey !

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