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Travel video about destination Tanzania.
Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa and is located slightly south of the Equator.Its large variety of nature is overwhelming and includes the Serengeti and Selous Nature Reserves, the snow-covered Kilimanjaro and the spice island of Zanzibar in the Indian Ocean. It is a country of superlatives that originated in 1964 as a result of the union of two independent countries, Tanganika and Zanzibar. On the slopes of Meru and Kilimanjaro, coffee, maize, bananas and vegetables are grown and then offered for sale at various markets. Due to its fertile volcanic soil the entire region has been used for agriculture since the middle of the nineteenth century by both the Arusha Massai and Meru tribes. The Arusha National Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Africa and its green forests are a perfect playground for the countless monkeys that live there. Around twenty million years ago its landscape was created due to volcanic activity and wonderful craters were formed as well as impressive volcanic cones. The swampy forest on the slopes of the Rift Valley features more than thirty different varieties of tree, an impressive area that offers distant views across fascinating and untouched nature and for the many wealthy tourists who spend their money in the region there are various special locations that provide excellent accommodation. The origins of the Selous Game Reserve date back to German colonial times at the beginning of the twentieth century. Later, under British rule, they were united into a large protected area. Tanzania is a natural paradise that is still known by only a few. An exotic country and one that is still waiting to be explored!



  1. Lalehan Lale says:

    no such an Ottoman sultan and islam never allows slave trade…prodcur should work history more…

  2. Muslim did allow the slave trade in a huge way and I'm not anti-Muslim, just want honesty.

  3. tunu allen. says:

    Tanzania is not the poorest country…..

  4. john elias says:

    nice thats my homeland, i have lived there for 17 years. lol

  5. Many African countries had Muslim black kings and Queens. Prosper under islam civilization. When the Europeans came that is when exploitation started.

  6. Just Reuben says:

    Jambo !!!! mambo vipi !! love from Malaysia :)

  7. Wonderful Tanzania!!

  8. azad persad says:

    What the Moors did for Spain and Europe is being erased from Spain and European history,but the queen can give an African mountain to a German cousin,I think Spain should give to the Moors Jaabaal Al Tarik,the rock of Gibraltar.

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