Top 10 Tips For Cycling Tours & Holidays

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February 23, 2017
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February 24, 2017

Here are our top 10 tips for travelling abroad for a cycling holiday.
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If you’re planning a cycling holiday, check out this video!

Whether you’re arranging your own trip, or joining up with a guided tour, we’ve got 10 tips that will help you to get the most out of your cycling tour.

Got a cycling trip coming up? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. AlStew08 says:

    Can anyone suggest any good tour companies?

  2. Would love to work in this industry!

  3. Iv got two cycling tour videos on my channel, Czech Republic and Slovakia – have a look they might give you a few tips

  4. awww gee. i requested a while ago and i feel like you made this vid just for me.  thanks mate.

  5. SandStormer says:

    Can you do a video on how to become a professional cyclist?

  6. Having done several guided and self guided tours in Spain, the additional tip would be if you hire a bike it is crucial that you measure your you bike settings that are good for you at home. GCN could show these crucial measurements – seat height from crank, seat tip from crank, bars from seat (ie. changing the hire bike stem) bar height. Dong this will avoid strain injuries as well as save time at the start of the tour.

    Also for those who are not at the peak riding condition, most tour companies give the option of triple ring – which is great in hilly country if you are not used to steep climbs.

  7. +Global Cycling Network Where can I get that Bike box??

  8. Kyne Jin says:

    Tip#12: A Bluetooth Speaker Can be held on Bike!

  9. was this team Tour passing at 2:27?

  10. onesih says:

    Great idea for a vacay. 

  11. Nicolai Just says:

    Where can i buy a washbag?

  12. What if you want to tour on your own? How to you go about planning it? What do you do with your luggage? How do you plan accomdation and routes?

  13. This is an awesome video!  I'm doing a coast to coast cycling trip across USA for a road safety charity, Brake, and will be posting up a vlog too.  Please check it out to see my progress and fundraising ideas.  Please get in touch if your thinking about doing a trip like this, I would love to hear about it.

  14. Brian Steele says:

    Under the local customs/ laws section bullet point I would suggest getting to know the traffic rules at your destination. I know the guides should help with this, but I often see British riders getting nasty shocks on French roads where they don't understand priority of cars entering from the right, even on some roundabouts. This can lead to some nasty verbal exchanges at least, and accidents at worst.  (Another good reason to head for the hills wihere there are fewer cars 🙂

  15. keiths314 says:

    GCN is one of the best channels I have come across on Youtube. Your videos are packed with experience and great tips. You have got me back in the saddle and training again. Thanks guys!

  16. The correct pressure in your tires!

  17. Bryan Elder says:

    + Global Cycling Network, where do I get the cycling luggage you feature starting at 1:03?

  18. I heard this was a great way to send a bike… Affordable too. I might be a little overly cautious, but how do you know your bike will get to destination safely? What are some safe shipping methods for your bike? Thanks a lot GCN, I have learned so much from you all it's just amazing. Thanks for everything you do.

  19. I have a 2014 specialized tricross elite disc bicycle, topeak (explorer?) rack, and topeak mtx trunk bag/pannier combo. Should I tour with that setup (and what's the best way to carry the tent that way?) or ditch the trunk bag so I can strap the tent on the rack? Any recommendations for modifying this setup/changes one would make?

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