Tour a professional bass boat

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January 11, 2017
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Today’s bass boats are super-high performance machines that can travel more than 70 mph. Pro angler Tom Redington conducts a tour of his boat, a 2013 Ranger Z520C with a 250 hp Mercury motor, showing how he organizes his rods, tackle and supplies. Find out more in the April 2013 issue of Boys’ Life magazine or online at



  1. cover on the engine while running? something new? let me know!

  2. Ethan Smith says:

    Man I want a boat like this 

  3. Jacob W says:

    Not a fan of fish finders, reason is if you want to use a fish finder then might aswell have a robot cast and reel in my fish for me aswell. There's no fun in using a fish finder. (Unless you aren't good at finding fish with common sense) and if in that case, maybe you should spend more time learning how to find fish instead of letting it do the work for you.

  4. mcconn746 says:

    Cool…but I would have thought a Humminbird 360° would be a must…too expensive for me though.

  5. sylvrbullets says:

    i think your engine is suffocating. 

  6. Dmgolfer22 says:

    I see guys running all over my home lake with power poles. Never seen a guy using them till the other day. Dock was full of boats. Guy just idled right up to the sea wall at the bank put his poles down and got out. I guess that's what they're for. Haha. 

  7. Anthony B says:

    Why does one need 15 fishing rods?

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