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Zip through stunning New Zealand in this video shot from above. Travel through the wonderful landscapes of Aotearoa, from sea to sky, city to mountains. Get a glimpse of what awaits you on an epic holiday in New Zealand.

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  1. wow. absolutely stunning.

  2. woow, this was one of my favorite drone videos. So inspiring, I hope to be able to reach the same level some day.

  3. geeyouwhy says:

    Nice, who made this? They deserve to have their name on it.

  4. 3 minutes is not "in a minute"

  5. are there any places where i caNT use my drone?'' please answer!! im gonna go to nz this saturado and im not sure wether i should take my drone or not, please answer!!

  6. is that real footage?

  7. Xsharknz says:

    I've been to half of these places

  8. akhsan hakim says:

    Ini sangat Luar Biasa Indahnya, seperti di Indonesia.

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