What to Do in Portland, Oregon | 36 Hours Travel Videos | The New York Times

Discovering The Magic Of Trinidad: Cuba’s Colorful Colonial City
March 11, 2017
Why It’s Never the Right Time to Travel
March 12, 2017

Portland, Oregon’s largest little city, is a bastion of creative living, excellent food, happy inebriation and devotion to the great outdoors.

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What to Do in Portland, Oregon | 36 Hours Travel Videos | The New York Times



  1. Going to university in Portland! It will be my home for the next four years ❤️

  2. Nate Sharma says:

    That's it I'm moving here

  3. Plenty of places that you can hook up with faggots, Hilary Clinton Supporters, and tree huggers.

  4. What a great video! Thank you for sharing!

  5. vanderbrock says:

    Looks good. Im moving there soon from Scotland.

  6. whatever3210 says:

    I've lived in Portland for two years now. Rampant homelessness and drug abuse, and the rent prices are out of control. Too many weirdos everywhere you look and rain, rain, and more rain. Oh, the traffic is an absolute nightmare. Can't wait to move. Portland is gross.

  7. Alex Is here says:

    I might visit ;), from Houston , Tx

  8. I live in Portland please don't live here it's boring

  9. Dovenpeis says:

    Keep Portland White!

  10. I love love love living in Portland ahhhh 💕

  11. cleawox says:

    In just last 3 years Portland traffic, homelessness, and housing prices have become acute problems. The fancy-free attitude of this video is counter to much of the feeling in the City now.

    Portland is wonderful – but it faces forces that threaten to overwhelm it. There are not enough roads, beds, or homes for average people. The rate of change is stunning.

    If you move here with money, please bring a sense of responsibility and help us. If you move here poor – God help you.

  12. You can come visit, but please don't stay, The more people that move, The more the beauty is taken away, There is only so much room that can be developed on.

  13. Dee Kev says:

    Lmao gentrification at its best… Stop moving here

  14. Betzy Arr says:

    I live really close to portland and it's really beautiful i recommend going if you live in Oregon

  15. Katie Mae says:

    pulls chocolate hair off of head
    Yep, definitely visiting that place!

  16. Tony Jasmine says:

    ping pong bar..hell yeas

  17. Stop moving to PDX & stay where you are, people.

  18. Koda Jackson says:


    1/11/17 Thats the date you shouldve visited cause it barley snows here but later person scrolling in the comments

  19. Gill Mccuddy says:

    this video only helps if ur a hippy or wierdo, theres alot of cool places something for everyone really.. i perfer the east side myself but downtown is fun for short visits… ne portland has changed alot very cool now, se hawthorne bellmont cool areas.. if ur older and dont like crowded places check out mcminamins edgefield wayy out east.. its awesome one of my favorite places around the city. come, visit, enjoy, go back home,, lol its definitely over populated latly fyi…

  20. Drone06 says:

    hahaha that hair piece

  21. frisco21 says:

    From the video, a viewer might deduce that the only thing to do in Portland is eat in trendy restaurants.

  22. Moana Kelani says:

    Hey! I am a new youtube vlogger. Please view my video, like & subscribe!

  23. diegoribasx says:

    food advertisement, nothing else.

  24. those mini donuts are from soulard market in saint louis! this is an outrage!

  25. *How to spend money in Portland, Oregon | 36 Hours Travel Videos | The New York Times

  26. EGO 1 says:

    se ve que en portland la gente es muy amable

  27. When I Grow Up, after college, I want to live in to Portland because it is so unique and that is great for young college grads!

  28. I've lived in Portland since I was 1 and while things are far from perfect I love my city and I'm not considering moving

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