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24 Hours Miami Travel Guide by Elizabeth Grace is now available on Amazon, Prospera Publishing or If you’re visiting Miami, pick up this guide for your “ticket to an awesome tour of the most awesome city in America.” Miami Travel Info

24 Hours Miami travel guide is the best way to travel and experience Miami like a local – with something cool and quirky to do at every hour of the day and night!

Written by an established travel professional, Elizabeth Grace’s 24 Hour City Guide, 24 Hours Miami, took over the #1 spot in Miami Travel Guides on Amazon within hours of being released.

As part of a travel series for both avid and armchair travelers, 24 Hour City Guides first started with the publication of 24 Hours London, a commercial success that is endorsed by London Mayor Boris Johnson and available in both tourist venues and bookstores. In the next 2 years, Prospera Publishing plans on releasing at least 20 more titles to its impressive collection. Each book is authored by a professional writer, who works hard to establish connections within the travel industry, further increasing the reach of the guides.

24 Hours Miami travel guide is not the typical travel book. This travel guide answers the question ‘What Can I Do Right Now?’, giving the traveler or even Miami local, options for activities, eateries and cultural excursions that perfectly fit into their schedule. For example, someone waking from jetlag at 4 am in Miami can open the guide to find options for coffee or sightseeing, even at that early hour.

24 Hours Miami travel guide is not only helpful, it’s also entertaining and designed to make a great read — whether or not they are actually traveling at the time or not. One of the best features of the 24 Hours Miami travel guide is it takes a unique view of established tourist attractions and adds in insider’s secrets, such as when that activity might be free or have special ofers. The 24 Hours Miami travel guide is instantly downloadable online, and purposefully are cheaper than most of the competitors titles.



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