Astral Projection in less than 3 minutes – Beginners’ Guide

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April 25, 2017
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April 26, 2017

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  1. Watch this video if you would like to learn how to experience sleep paralysis.

  2. I came here for food

  3. Awesome comments also like something out of a horror added to all said lol

  4. Penis Parker says:

    Does this shit work????

  5. AJM5053 says:

    Wait u got paralysed too lol, it feels so weird

  6. Help i accidentally fucked a hooker in the astral world i pulled out will she be pregnant plz answer quickly

  7. fuck the music!👊👎

  8. i did this once , but the demons are bothering me, so i went back to my body

  9. Scott Jones says:

    how do I get back to my body afterwords?

  10. Tilak Soni says:

    I wouldn't trust a person who writes "which" as "witch".

  11. Keith James says:

    what if people who astral project got stuck in that world and another person/entity got into there real physical body and they act the same as the real person, while the real person cant get back into his body and he is out looking for a real human body to take over?? you guys ever thought of that??

  12. YAOYU LEE says:

    to AstralWorld: please be honest with me….
    ….did you ever make it in the way you showed in this vidéo?
    Recently I lost my dear husband, and now am desperate to see him and speak with him……..

  13. I Literally was Numb.. My bed shook I Couldnt feel my real body.. anymore i knew it was time i literally got up and i was sitting in my body i Jumped and i blasted into the roof i could see all the pipes inside the roof i pulled my head out i tried opening the door and then i Went through the knob and i knew i was in astral protection and i went into my brothers room and i tried knocking stuff over then i woke up in my body! It was amazing the feeling! It takes practice though and dont leave your body until you cant move it.

  14. This method such a WILD (wake initiated lucid dream)

  15. everytime i feel my soul gt out of my body idnt go far away . because i am scared another soul will take my body . so i keep myself near my sleeping body or just lay beside me and watch myself sleep

  16. It worked but I started hearing buzzing and freaked out

  17. Keoka Love says:


  18. Marvin Sacil says:

    I astral projected and i saw my body laying on the bed, i thought i was dead.

  19. Kawaii Dino says:

    Well i fucked up 10 times now what

  20. petr tommy says:

    I can go into the astral! Watch my video on the channel

  21. biju balan says:

    where is my dick? At some point I started to think it has got wings. please help me..

  22. Thiruvananthapuram: A man accused of massacring his family told the police that he did it to perform astral projection, a ritual which he claimed would allow him to communicate with souls of dead people

  23. its a power from satanic evil. don't promote them. plz

  24. finally i did it. best part was, i saw by dog fisting a street bitch.😂😂😂😂

  25. Jey Ar says:

    ഹോളി ഫക്ക്

  26. LevelMan says:

    Astral planing is not only scary but it is also dangerous because if your not careful a demon can posses your body and take over

  27. Sarah Drake says:

    I'm going to have nightmares from that music.

  28. Zzcz Zczzc says:

    Dose sleep paralysis has anything to do with this

  29. Theoretically, anyone can have this experience. Even animals, during sleep, travel to certain astral worlds. The possibility to access the astral levels of existence is not necessarily connected to special, innate abilities. It can be achieved by anybody, through perseverant and systematic practice. If we persevere, we can attain a perfect control upon the process of separating the subtle body from the physical one. Some will probably need longer time; but others, on the contrary, can achieve fast progresses, due to their performances accomplished in previous lives, and I hope guys this simple method can help you get your first Astral Projection Experience:

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