Ethical Uganda tours and safaris

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April 8, 2017
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April 9, 2017

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Inspirational, Ethical Uganda tours and safaris-Msafiri tours . Msafiri tours arranges ethical, affordable,tailor made Uganda group tours and Uganda group holidays. Our Uganda tours include uganda gorilla trekking safaris, Africa school tours, Uganda volunteering tours, uganda medical elective placements, uganda group tours and more.
We are driven by a desire to change Uganda for the better and we’re committed to helping the neediest people in Uganda through tourism. As such, our projects are designed to transfer maximum benefit to our host communities in Uganda in terms of economic and welfare benefits, environmental regeneration, and skills transfer. Our Uganda tour clients ,partners and volunteers share these values and play a key role in promoting our mission to meet the needs and expectations of our beneficiaries in Ugand.

Why chose Msafiri tours?
One of the ways that we maintain our competitive edge is that our staff come from varied travel professional backgrounds and represent a strategic blend of accomplished skills and experience that produces efficient results for our beneficiaries and high-value experiences for our travelers, volunteers and clients.

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  1. exeterguitar says:

    Inspirational stuff !! Well done all involved

  2. We happened to take a safari tour with msafari last year and it was a  once in a life experience .. Thank you Dennis and company and we can't wait to visit other areas in Uganda with Msafari Tours.

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