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September 24, 2017
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LAMA Group of Companies is committed to serve customers with professional care and give them optimum satisfaction. We inspire people to travel and explore to further enrich their lives. We aim to meet and supersede all tourism requirements by using advance technology to ensure a fast and efficient service to our clients.

LAMA Tours ensures a high degree of quality in services and yet our prices are incredibly reasonable. We can promise you the best deals with the most satisfying and enjoyable services so that you will yearn to return again.

Driven by the growth in the tourism industry, LAMA TOURS are on line to ensure the fastest service in the shortest timeframe possible.

LAMA Group comprises of the following companies namely: Lama Desert Tourism & Cargo L.L.C., Lama Desert Tourism & Cargo L.L.C. (Branch), Lama Holidays, Lama Dubai-Floating Restaurant L.L.C., Lama Dubai-Floating Restaurant L.L.C. (Branch) Lama Safari and Cruise L.L.C., Lama Kiosk., Lama Constructions, The Bus Connection, Seven Sands Hotel Apartment.



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