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Aer Lingus Will Start Flying To Philadelphia In March 2018
October 3, 2017
Confirmation: Bank of American’s “2/3/4” Rule for Credit Card Approvals
October 4, 2017

We don’t want a normal guidebook! #nomore #letsgetunexpected

Let us guide you to unexpected places with our Favoroute guidebooks!

Want to now more about Favoroute?
Favoroute is the online platform for travel guidebooks. Our guidebooks are created by our Travel Designers. Favoroute aims to take travelers to unexpected places by working with the finest selection of Favoroute Travel Designers (travel journalists, bloggers, and locals). There are currently more than 200 Travel Designers discovering and sharing the most inspiring routes from all of the world (and this number of Travel Designers is continuously growing!).

Every journey starts with a sparkle. That feeling that you need to go somewhere. Because of the stories you’ve heard, the pictures you’ve seen, the travel guides you’ve read. The gems of your journey are hidden in the people around you. Gather their knowledge. It will take you to unexpected places, to a world beyond your dreams.

Capture all the information you need and start your journey. With Favoroute you can find your unexpected travel guidebook. From breathtaking waterfalls to hilarious ostrich rides, from majestic temples to isolated treehouses. And don’t forget to raft that monstrous river! Find your favorite Travel Designers (travel journalists, bloggers or locals) and let them guide you along your way. Discover the best places while on your journey. Grab your Guidebook App and find unexpected places with offline maps, photos, and the hidden gems recommended by your Travel Designer. With Favoroute you turn your sparkle into a journey to remember.

Favoroute is founded in 2012 by Frederieke Wolter, an entrepreneur and experienced traveler who is ambitious, innovation-driven and very enthusiastic! She has dedicated the last years to develop Favoroute and form a very motivated team to turn her project into a huge success. The Favoroute network consists of more than 150 professional travel bloggers who have so far created the first 250 travel guidebooks. Now, also travel organizations worldwide can use Favoroute to inform and inspire their travelers. Favoroute is available for Android and iOS.

Favoroute – your soul is your compass



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