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February 22, 2017
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During the past decade I’ve traveled in Southeast Asia more than any other region in the world. If I were to recommend one country to visit my shortlist would certainly include Vietnam. From Hanoi to Saigon – or vice versa – there are few countries that offer as much diversity. The following top attractions travel guide outlines all of the best things to do while traveling in Vietnam:

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1) I’ve honestly never met anyone who has regretted visiting Ha Long Bay. With stunning karst peaks and adventure sports aplenty it’s the kind of place where you can relax on a boat for several days and not want to come back to land anytime soon.

2) When based in Hoi An there are a plethora of attractions and landmarks worth visiting. Whether on foot – or on a bike – make sure to check out the Japanese covered bridge, Quang Dong Assembly hall and the Assembly Hall of the Fujian Chinese.

3) I’ve heard of people who literally fly to Vietnam to have an entire wardrobe made. No place in Vietnam is more famous for its custom made tailors than Hoi An. From dresses to shirts and shoes to purses you can get just about anything made here for less than what you’d likely pay back home.

4) Feasting on Vietnamese local delights should be a top priority for anyone visiting the country and what better way to do it than by visiting a local organic farm. Nestled just outside of Hoi An we visited Tra Que for some amazing Vietnamese cuisine.

5) For those with an adventurous streak having the opportunity to cruise down the Mekong Delta on a boat is an experience you’ll never forget. To avoid getting a sunburn be sure to put on a conical hat – it only costs about a dollar!

6) If you’ve ever wondered what it is like to be in a dynamic and chaotic city look no further than Saigon. With plenty of attractions ranging from shopping to museums, there is never a shortage of things to do in the city.

7) Taking the bus in Vietnam is a bit of a nightmare considering the road conditions, traffic congestion and liberal use of the horns. The alternative? Taking a train. Our of our favorite train trips in Vietnam was traveling from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) to Nha Trang.

8) For the adventure sports junky the opportunity to go sea kayaking in Ha Long Bay is not to be missed. If you take a boat tour around Ha Long Bay for 2 to 3 days it should almost certainly be included on your itinerary.

9) Eating authentic and cheap Vietnamese cuisine is one of the things I miss the most about traveling in Vietnam. If you head over to the Bale Wel in Hoi An you can make yourself special rolls with country pancakes, spring rolls, satay, kimchi and other ingredients.

10) If there is one place in Vietnam I’d recommend more than anywhere else it is hands down Sapa. With breathtaking scenery, rolling hills and rice terraces it is worth exploring either on a one day hike or a several day trekking expedition. In this section we show you our first leg of the journey heading from Sapa to Lao Chai village.

11) If you have the opportunity be sure to listen to a live performance of traditional Vietnamese music.

12) The floating markets in the Mekong Delta region are fascinating. Bustling with activity you’ll have a chance to purchase iced coffee and other refreshments.

13) Checking out the Central market in Hoi An allows you to experience what a local market is like versus one aimed towards a tourist.

14) Having the chance to learn how to cook and prepare Vietnamese cuisine is inexpensive and fun. There are plenty of cooking schools to choose from but we decided to go with Green Moss.

15) I’ve already waxed on and marveled about Sapa but it is worth mentioning again that if you have the opportunity to linger be sure to get a hotel room with a view.

16) Finally, we prefer the trains but taking a night bus – at least once – in Vietnam is certainly an experience you’ll never forget.

This is part of our Travel in Vietnam series. We’re making a series of videos showcasing Vietnamese culture, Vietnamese arts, Vietnamese foods, Vietnamese religion and Vietnamese people.

This video features music -various artists and various songs – available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Commercial license.



  1. Hey Guys, great Video! I included it in my SEA-Backpacking Playlist 🙂

  2. Usually amateur hour travel guides are cool, but this couple is obnoxious beyond belief. At first I thought the girl was a rogue nurse taking her retarded red-headed patient on a journey of a life time before he died of brain cancer.

  3. I didn't see Hanoi in this video, if you didn't visit Hanoi, you missed a big thing haha

  4. dtvqa says:

    FYI: You're supposed to wet the rice paper to make is soft before applying the ingredients.

  5. Vietnam won the war because we didn't want to nuke them

  6. Hi Audrey and Samuel, I'm in awe of the view from your room in Sa Pa! I'm planning a trip there and would appreciate if you could share the name of the hotel/accommodation that you guys booked while in Sa Pa 🙂

  7. great video clip guys

  8. msoviet409 says:

    It was said that the Japanese and Chinese merchants were settled in Hoi An at the turn of the century. Most the food there are of the Chinese taste with soy sauce base. Do you know that the origin of soy sauce was from Europe? yes it came from Europe, Switzerland to be exact. It was brought to China post the Opium War where the indigenous people had never heard of. In time the Chinese tried to make similar black sauce their own way that is called soy sauce later on. Today Hoi An is sort of a sleeping town with slow pace which is good as a getaway place from hectic life from the big cities.

  9. Samara Geier says:

    Hi, Thanks so much for this great video. U guys are noice! . Any way to find the hotel you stayed at in Sapa? Or how to find something similar? Thanku 🙂

  10. Joe says:

    might want to reduce the size of subtitle

  11. Bùi Hùng says:

    I'm a Vietnamese and have vistited Hoi An once before with my dad and my brother. We arrived there in the afternoon and that place was DAMN HOT -_- lol

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    This video is great!!

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    How high was Samuel in this clip¿ THIS high lol

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    such dorks… adorable but so pathetic

  15. Thanks u for making this Video 🙂

  16. I saw this video So, i like visit to Vietnam.

  17. I love it when I go to veitnam and you are saying city in Veitnamese wrong

  18. Nancy Duong says:

    18:30 Why zoom in to the woman's toes? 😂😂

  19. The Nguyễn says:
    WELCOME TO VIETNAM. If you feel cramped, noisy in Hanoi, why don't you come over to Haiduong. it's just far away 80 km from hanoi and take one hour and a half by train to get there. You can experience the real life of Vietnamese people in the rural areas, to breath fresh air in the early morning, to enjoy the traditional Vietnamese food and cook them by yourself and most importantly to know more about Vietnamese's

  20. Luke hartley says:

    awesome video just watched the hole thing thanks for making it going to be traveling around Vietnam at the end of this year and now I'm even more excited 😀

  21. thanks for video about my country.
    I live in Saigon now, if any one travel to saigon, I will made free tour guider. write mail:

  22. yes all Vietnamese eat dofs,cats,snakes and

  23. yes all Vietnamese eat dofs,cats,snakes and
    pen ises

  24. Thomas J says:

    i love your vids. thanks as someone heading out to se asia later this year i`m hooked!

  25. Now I want to go to Vietnam 🙂

  26. Was curious to see the "backpacker view" as an expat who actually lives in Hanoi, and moved here directly without being a tourist first (because of marriage). In the list of SE Asia destinations, most people list Thailand as their go-to destination first, but I'd strongly suggest that Vietnam has a deeper and more interesting culture and people, although it might be a little harder for the outsider to penetrate at first. There are three basic zones: north, central, and south, and they're all different so someone wanting to really see Vietnam might consider seeing all three to compare.

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  28. I'm from Vietnam xin chào

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    Thanks. I enjoyed it and learnt a lot about what makes a good vlog

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    Leonidas and his 300 warriors all had livings sons to carry on their names.

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    Very interesting and beautiful country.

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    What is the store you went to for the fitted dressed. In Hoi An right now and looking for a good shop for dresses.

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    Good job guys, thanks for sharing!

  38. Al Fajar says:

    Good job guys, thanks for sharing!

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