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October 5, 2017
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October 6, 2017

Do I Tip on a Cruise Ship? Yes you do tip on a cruise ship. It is sometimes called gratuities and is usually the main form of income for cleaning staff, waiters, cruise directors, etc. So don’t skip out on tipping while cruising. This video gives you some basics on cruise tipping. But your best bet is to go to the cruise company website and see what they recommend for tipping and gratuities.
Filmed in Split, Croatia
Copyright Mark Wolters 2017

My Cruise was through the Adriatic on the Croatian Coastline with Croisi Europe.

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  1. Mc Kenna says:

    Mark-love you and your videos, my friend, but this request is for a Jocelyn video.
    Hi Jocelyn,
    I know your kids are experts at travel (for their young age)…but could you do a video (or series) about preparing your kids for travel NAMELY in the areas of: teaching responsibility – setting clothes/things out, packing /carrying, what THEY can be responsible at what age, etc; and preparing to travel – I seem to recall that you are or were home-schooling. Do you teach them about the places before you go? teach special manners and customs? how do you prepare them in advance about safety when traveling without scaring them (confident young men not worry-warts).
    A video(s) from moms to moms (and concerned, involved dads).

  2. Mc Kenna says:

    A few thoughts for those in the "Tipping is Stupid"/"I Won't Tip" crowd:
    (1) If they added what you should make up in tips to their wages… you would be paying the same or more for the same trip as if you DID tip. In a sense.. you are paying the rest of the salary. Do you think for a minute that if the owners paid the full wage your trip would not reflect that?
    (2) Ever heard about (or better yet, WORKED) working on commission? In a sense that is what your wait staff is doing… they are busting their butts FOR their commissions. Only in this field… it's called tips.
    (3) MANY many of those ship workers are sending home their pay to keep their families off the streets. They don't/can't see their loved ones for the chance that they could earn money for them on a ship caring for YOU.
    (4) Coulda/Woulda/Shoulda blah, blah, blah. The point is their pay IS low (your price per ticket reflects them not being paid more) ..and this is the life of a service worker. Don't be a jerk. (Imagine you getting paid 25-40% less and the attitude of those you are helping to make their experience much better might be "tough sh*#!") TIP THEM!
    (5) Lastly.. if I don't want to pay a tip or can't pay for a tip and a meal… then I go where I can eat without tipping (ie: fast food as opposed to a sit-down meal). If you can't or won't tip… go on a vacation where you don't have to. Rent a cabin and a row boat next time.

  3. Jack W says:

    I like to only tip the people who I interact with, not the whole crew

  4. Scott says:

    Mark, I have been going through your archives and cannot find anything on Sicily. Haven't you made any videos on Sicily as I am going there in August and want to plan ahead. If you haven't, could you recommend some informative videos to watch.

  5. the days of the titanic r gone where woman an children 1st…..its now captain n crew 1st …… so tip well

  6. theapparatus says:

    Hmmm, is this a reupload? I remember it because I was going to make light of the "overweight" life jacket you're wearing and suggest you point people at that picture when they say your videos are fake and/ or not honest. No offense.

  7. Aktivist1000 says:

    0:10 – It's not Split!!! It's the port of the town Hvar on the island Hvar!!

  8. Giacomanzium says:

    I didn't travel much, I've only stayed in London and Prague actually, outside the borders of my county, but I always watch your videos; I started watching your videos about Italy (being Italian) and immediately noticed that you guys are not the random tourist that get overexcited or underexcited; your judgment is very correct and shows that you not only have been here a lot and in different part of the country, but also getting to know people and social stigmas that persons from different countries have.
    Not being able to travel myself yet due of economical reasons, I'm very glad to do that through your genuine videos 🙂
    [Sorry for my terrible English!]

  9. Have you had service personal rejecting taking a tip?
    It happened to me several time while vacationing in the USA and it always confuses me..

  10. I would like you to come to that other part of Croatia that is not sea …
    Nice greeting and enjoy the Mediterranean

  11. Maybe the cruise lines should pay their staffs a living wage…they charge enough for the cruises.

  12. Roy P. says:

    Hey mark , have you been to greenland or alaska?? Its beautiful , so many nature 😍

  13. I'm doing a lot of this on Viking. Staff is really professional and I try to treat them well. I also give some "handshake" tips to individuals if I know it's a "tip sharing" company.

  14. easier for us. we live in the US Northeast and expect that 20% is appropriate. we do sometimes adjust down to 10% as is appropriate in other countries or watch for the "gratuity include" line on the check.

  15. In1998able says:

    PS tipping on a Nile cruise!!!!!!

  16. Gabriel Traveler is in Split!!!

  17. First of all tipping is a gratification for an extra effort, which by no means is a part of a salary. It's not included in the cost of your cruise – meaning you don't HAVE to pay it! Should you notice that someone is putting an extra effort…..why not to tip them? Not out of pity (it's wrong I feel), but for the actual job they do…In this cruise companies will maybe consider including the tips in the salary, which will make people working on a cruise more stable financially and guests more relaxed….Remember, you are going on a cruise to enjoy yourself and not to solve someone's financial problems…#sorrynotsorry

  18. Lars says:

    I'm working in the hotel business and unfortunately, I see many people who demand certain standards. I think it's sad how the world has changed. I'm not talking about $100 tip, even just $5 changes the attitude of the people who work. Anyway, just wanted to say that. Good job Walter, I like your savings vest:0

  19. When my partner's mom takes us on family cruises, she always takes the gratuity off and tips our room stewards / people that clean your room directly in cash. She said they only get a very small portion of the tip, UNLESS it's given to the worker in cash, and the Maitre D gets most of it and does the least amount of work. Maybe this is just more true on American cruise lines coughCARNIVALcough where they usually treat the workers like slaves and are forbidden to interact with the guests or even be seen on the ship during their off hours.

    One time they left a cake in my room for my birthday and a note written on the mirror! I've personally have had nothing but great service (minus the last American cruise I did and there was blood on the wall and the shower hadn't been cleaned prior to our arrival).

  20. Vincent Su says:

    Wow I was in Split just 7 days ago, from Ancona via the Snav ferry. Too bad I've missed you.

  21. Wellch says:

    I know of one person who asks the cruise line to put on the tip at the beginning of the cruise.

  22. Nai'Lah Lynn says:

    I have and will always tip based on service and interaction received. I only tip directly, what I want to, and to those I feel deserve it. My room steward, waiter and bartender all receive a nice tip whenever I cruise. tipping for me is a way of saying thank you for a great job. I refuse to tip out of obligation.

  23. Here's my tip. Don't go on a cruise. It's a crap way to see Europe and cruise tourism is destroying Europe's best cities. Especially Venice and Dubrovnik first.

  24. Hello, how many people are we supposed to tip? thanks

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