Van Sri Lanka naar Toronto, REVIV infuus & surprise bday party / Weekvlog 20 Your Little Black Book

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July 7, 2017
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WOW, wat een week! Na een weekje geen persoonlijke vlog gemaakt te hebben (want slechte wifi in Sri Lanka) deze week een mega volle gezellige vlog die van Sri Lanka naar Toronto gaat en met een surprise party voor mijn bday en iets te veel gezellige momenten op het terras in Amsterdam. Tot volgende week! x


YOURLBB.TV is the YouTube platform from the Amsterdam and travel blog Your Little Black Blog, the largest travel blog of The Netherlands for everyone who, juts like founder Anne de Buck, has the wanderlust gen. Anne is the author of the books Wanderlust (the first travel lifestyle guide in the world) and The Amsterdam City Guide.

Recently Your Little Black Book has also released an Amsterdam City Guide app with over more than 700 “Yourlbb approved” addresses (ANDROID & IOS

On YOURLBB.TV you can watch travel video’s about the latest hotspots on Amsterdam and Amsterdam travel tips for everyone who, just like Anne, doesn’t like the tourist traps.

You’ve also came to the right address for travel guides and city guides for other destinations, from Los Angeles to Cape Verde and from New York to Nusa Lembongan. Anne collects the best hotspots from around the world in her travel vlogs.

As a professional travel blogger, Anne has collects a fair share of travel tips. You can read all about it in her book Wanderlust, but on YOURLBB.TV she’s sharing her personal tips in themed video series.

In the personal vlogs Anne gives viewers a weekly look behind the scenes of Your Little Black Book and she takes you with her on her daily adventure.

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Your Little Black Book is the largest urban travel blog of The Netherlands, with thousands of Amsterdam tips and hundreds of travel guids. Founder Anne de Buck travels all around the globe for the platform, and finds herself in a different city almost every week in her search for the best hotspots or culinary addresses. All those tips can be found in the travel guides of Your Little Black Book.

The platform reaches over 219.000 unique visitors every month, who are responsible for over 745.000 page views. In 2016 Anne has released her first two books, Wanderlust and The Amsterdam City Guide which were followed with the Amsterdam City Guide app for iOS and Android that was released in 2017 (ANDROID & IOS

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  1. Weer een heerlijke vlog ik heb je url even gedeeld op mijn twitter account, je verdient zoveel meer volgers! 🙂

  2. Nathalie says:

    Vindt je enthousiasme zo heerlijk aanstekelijk. Leuke vlog.

  3. diosgamer nl says:

    ik ben ook een keer in toronto geweest echt een mooie stad

  4. Superleuke vlog en Wow die taart! Waar hebben jullie die gekocht?

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