What to Eat and Do in Bali, Indonesia (NOC Travel Guide!)

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February 3, 2017
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February 4, 2017

Sloggi Singapore sent us to Bali for a vacation, so this is what we’ve been up to!
Oh yes, the winner for 3D2N Bali trip (Who’s The Double Agent) has been chosen 😀



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Disclaimer: While we respect everybody’s views and opinions, it is necessary you respect ours. We are entertainers, not role models! If you’re gonna be butthurt about our videos, simply click X :/ But for those who share our sense of humour, enjoy your stay! And tell us what you want to see in the next video! 🙂 Thank you!

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  1. inggih. tiyang saget wicara Basa Bali sakedit mawon.

  2. Dico Arif P says:

    waaahh very good view

  3. James Tan says:

    u guys should go to jakarta next time

  4. Chris Beck says:

    Rook's funny-I love watching my pals have Great Time! I hope you like Midwest U.S. I Rike me, too!-I swim, fish bass, hike-seek water monbsters. Hoo Love's ya, Babie!

  5. Renkai Xin says:

    hello! where is the massage place at in ubud?

  6. Tricia Low says:

    I have been here before I am from Singapore!!

  7. preystation4 says:

    Indonesian American here. Never been to Bali.

  8. Very nice. Also watch my travel video about Indonesia!

  9. Lewis Clark says:

    Lol, English Subs are definitely necessary.

  10. Gosh.., guys.. I hate ur accent also ur voice sounds noisy. But nice trip tho

  11. No, the best warung is warung Dobil

  12. come to pulau lombok leh, much better than bali

  13. Lim Nancy says:

    Sylvia hair is sexy

  14. EdGaR LeE says:

    haha i went to ubud market and this lady was selling me this penis keychain 5 pcs for 60k rupiah, i told her i'll look around and come back, then she dropped to 40k rupiah and i told her the same thing then she rant some indon words frustratedly, then she dropped it to 20k rupiah and i still say the same thing, and she rant some indon words again coz i keep saying i'll come back later (but its not my fault right? haha), so i jokingly asked for 10k haha but she cant go any furthur so i just get it for 20k…so basically what happened was i didnt do any bargain and she dropped the price on her own and she gets angry on her own haha and thts one of the funniest experience i had in bali haha

  15. Tan Ling says:

    My hotel have a pool inside and my hotel are Jas green villas

  16. How long did NOC stay in Bali? cuz Im planning to visit Bali soon :)

  17. Hello, basically how do you guys travel around Bali? Rented a car or a driver or what is the best way in your opinion, with a family and limited budget? Do you think this itinerary is ok for adults over 50 years old? Your suggestions are very much appreciated! Love your videos! Make more please!

  18. SakePL says:

    Really nice ladies :D

  19. I went to the place at 8:54! I ate like, 4 corns. xP

  20. Michelle is flawless. Goddess-like.

  21. radiee muh says:

    brruuuuurrrrrrrrppppppp……. chochengchocheng

  22. Today I'm going to Bali and I brought my iPad to play some pixel gun and roblox and watch pewdiepie anddddd NOC!!! Hahaha yea really byeeee

  23. Normal Guy says:

    I fucking hate Singaporeans they are the most annoying to listen too and are squeaky sounding dumb dumbs

  24. i will be going to Bali in the next 2 weeks, Do you mind to give me the website or contact info for one tour service? :D

  25. Rock Chen says:

    Where are you from? Ryan

  26. Jaffa Beech says:

    good to see Bali and although a little bit shallow in the views and reporting you did quite a bit which is good. though hard to understand through the non sensical squealing and somewhat childish chatter. are you 12? lol

  27. go to surabaya sometimes

  28. King Roel says:

    0:36 that smile looks like Kim chiu

  29. After watching this, I really feel like travelling with you guys! Lol cheers from Jakarta.

  30. Alaminxlr8 says:

    How did you guys plan all the activities?

  31. Tommy Mc says:

    Good energy from you guys

  32. Daniel Spell says:

    hai sylvia chan …..??

  33. Sherif H says:

    Great video and you guys are so much fun. Thanks for sharing. Michelle is soooo cute

  34. genghis says:

    singapore english is not pleasing to the ear for reals

  35. im lived in indonesia so i can go bali anytime

  36. Seriously ur English are soooooo annoyed. Would u please stfu and lemme enjoying the show without hearing ur noisy smh

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